5 Best Tools to Insert a Link in Your Instagram Bio

The Instagram platform provides many opportunities to improve your account, share unique content and gain followers.. As of May 2022, there are more than 1.4 billion monthly active Instagram users worldwide. About 25 million businesses use Instagram to reach and interact with their audience. The problem with the platform is that it doesn’t have enough built-in functions for profile development. For example, How can I add a link in my Instagram bio to other social networks, groups and website in my account description?

only with help additional toolss. In this article, we’ll take a look at five of Instagram’s best bio link tools so followers can access interesting content and learn more about your business.

linkr.bio is a simple Instagram bio link tool that comes with a set of basic features. It provides a custom URL where a link with information about the social network is automatically added to the company’s landing page. As a result, you get your own mini-page with an unlimited number of links to direct messages, services, groups and other services. You don’t need to download the app to use linkr.bio. You can use this link directly – everything is available in the browser. Another feature of the service is that it can be purchased once and used continuously.

Main features:

  • Create a multipurpose URL in your Instagram bio.
  • Adds more links to social profiles on the personal page.
  • It uses a simple control panel.
  • Track conversions to URLs on your personal page.
  • Scheduling of connections and their activation time.


5 Best Tools to Insert a Link in Your Instagram Bio

Mssg.me is a service that creates a website widget for user interaction. A potential audience will be able to get in touch using a QR code containing the URL of the page. The service supports the “Pixel integration” function, which enables the connection of different social networks (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).

Main features:

  • Create a short URL.
  • Add a link in your instagram bio to your website, landing page or portfolio.
  • Provides access to Google Analytics.
  • The connection of the 6 main messengers.
  • Creation of product sheets with descriptions and pictures.
  • Generate email signature, QR code and website widget.

Optimizing URLs by using link sites in the bio contributes to the formation of advertising offers that will attract the target audience. Even the simplest Instagram bio link tool lets you direct users to a place where they can learn more about your business and get feedback.


5 Best Tools to Insert a Link in Your Instagram Bio

Taplink is a service that streamlines the communication process between customers and businesses and improves e-commerce features, mostly through Instagram links. More than 2 million touch connections have already been created on the platform. With this free bio link tool, you can make your own microlanding, post it on social networks, without any special skills in the field of HTML or CMS layout.

Main features:

  • Add any number of links to Instagram.
  • Making the transition to the use of other social networks.
  • Fix catchy texts, videos, promotions.
  • Accept online orders and payments.
  • Development of online store functionality.


5 Best Tools to Insert a Link in Your Instagram Bio

Hipolink is a mini website builder that helps you build Instagram links with 60+ themes, 30+ ready-made templates for social media pages. With it, the profile header can be filled with useful links to instant messages, websites, locations, contacts. Ideal for selling services and products on Instagram.

Main features:

  • Ready layouts for customizing the layout of the site.
  • Fast ways of communication on different messengers.
  • Integrated CRM system with order notifications.
  • Simple subscription advertising algorithms.
  • Sponsorship contributions and various possibilities of receiving payments.
  • Automatic configuration of the online store.
  • Powerful analytics and SEO tools.


Linktree is a free Instagram bio link and content management tool. The free version allows you to choose between 9 themes, create multiple links, view click statistics. The service is easily integrated with other software (Amazon, Google Sheets).

Main features:

  • Retargeting visitors on Instagram, Facebook ads and Google.
  • Analysis of navigation and location data.
  • Messenger icons of any kind, including WhatsApp.
  • Page customization, avatar, fonts and buttons.
  • Form for signing up for the newsletter via e-mail or SMS.
  • Linktree sharing via QR code.
  • An image or icon is added to each link.

Don’t limit yourself to a link in your Instagram bio to your brand’s website, as there are plenty of opportunities to showcase your organization from all sides on social media!

Let us know in the comments which is the best free bio link tool that you have used to insert links on your instagram.

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