Employees at the identification point at OCA in Cruzeiro do Sul reported sexual and moral harassment coordinator

External employees at the Cruzeiro do Sul identification station, which works in the OCA in the interior of Acre, accuse the coordinator Jonas Oliveira de Souza, who is a civil police officer, of sexual and moral harassment.

The coordinator denies the accusations and says they are nothing more than a “political setup” against him. “There was nothing of the sort, it was a setup. I suffered, I lost custody of my daughter because of this frame.”

The Report spoke with one of the victims, who asked not to be named. According to her, the case was already presented to the Civil Police and the Internal Police last year, and an investigation is even underway investigating the complaints of at least five employees.

Because of the Internal Affairs Department investigation, the servant says Souza has even been reassigned. However, even without completing the investigation, in September of this year, the new director general of the Civil Police reappointed him to the same position, coordinator of the Technical-Scientific Police Department at the Identification Institute Raimundo Hermínio de Melo, so-called. civil and criminal identifications.

The victim cites fear of continuing to work with him after the complaints. The case was also submitted to the Public Ministry and is currently being processed by the 3rd Criminal Prosecutor’s Office in Cruzeiro do Sul. According to prosecutor Juliana Hoff, the case is being investigated and, when proven, the author will be charged.

The victim also claims that he is accompanied by a psychologist due to the situation.

“He would say ‘you don’t know how to do anything properly’, shout at us and attack everyone. When the new director came in, everyone talked to her and she got him out. All the girls came to testify against him. He left and we thought he wouldn’t come back, but he came back as the coordinator of the institute here in Cruzeiro do Sul. I am afraid to work with this man. I am desperate,” said the employee.

What the police say

The general envoy of the civil police, Henrique Maciel, confirmed that the investigation is still ongoing in the Office of Internal Affairs and that after the re-appointment of the police officer as coordinator, he did not receive any new complaints against him.

The delegate also stated that Jonas no longer has contact with the followers and that he does not work in the OCA, but in the building of the Civil Police, in the center of Cruzeiro do Sul. According to him, the immediate superior who remains in the OCA and who has contact with the employees and the coordinator.

“There was a situation even before I got here that he was actually removed from the supervision of the OCA in Cruzeiro do Sul, because of these complaints. Since the Institute for Identification needs a career server, he was appointed. There is a coordinator at the OCA in Cruzeiro do Sul, who is even engaged in external affairs, and he is the one who deals directly with Jonas. Physically, he stays in a house completely away from the OCA. He has no contact with them and as far as I know, I have not received any news after I put him in this sector,” Henrique said.

The envoy also stated that he did not receive anything from the Ministry of Public Affairs after the appointment of the police officer as coordinator. “There are no obstacles, nothing in our management [que impeça qualquer denúncia]. They [funcionárias] here they have the phone number of the general management, we were there recently in Cruzeiro do Sul and I didn’t get any information about it. They can inform us, call us, formalize any situation, we will not admit to any of that.”

‘Political Framework’

Coordinator Jonas said that the person who took his place after he was kicked out of coordination last year, came “to his side” when he found out about the complaints. But he would gain advantages and eventually turn against him.

“The person who inappropriately took my place, at the beginning of this set-up, even wanted to hit one of the people who was lying down, and I did not allow him to do that. Later she changed, I knew there were advantages to behaving like that. There is a civil and criminal sector here, so it is a right for a civilian policewoman to be here, and she, as a subcontractor, could not even take over that sector. who was behind [da armação] talked to her and she changed little by little,” said the coordinator.

He also stated that after the complaints, in 2020, a Detailed Time of Occurrence (TCO) was made. “It was even shut down, because they didn’t see any basis in those complaints. There was no audience, nothing. So much so that there are people who are angry even today who were made to be heard, and they knew nothing. It’s a sad situation.”

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