Computers and accessories: how to stand out in these segments

The number of sales categories has increased as the habits of the population have changed to adapt to the period of social isolation. And the IT and accessories sector was undoubtedly one of those affected segments.

According to data from IDC Brasil, which is the market leader in information technology research, the first quarter of 2021 had almost 20% more sales than in the same period of the previous year. The increase was mainly driven by home office and distance learning (EAD).

The computer and peripherals market is full of opportunities for you to take advantage of and get involved in this sector.

E-commerce on the rise

If you want to stand out in the sales of this segment, the first step is to understand the market and identify trends, such as the growth of sales of these items within e-commerce.

According to the 45th Webshoppers report, the IT category grew 24% in 2021 compared to the previous year. Market review, Bornlogic and Opinion Box, showed that 44% of Brazilian consumers usually buy items in this category in digital media.

And since IT items have a higher average ticket, this ends up impacting this category’s large share of total e-commerce sales, so much so that in 2021 IT was the fourth highest revenue segment in e-commerce (Neotrust ).

The category goes beyond monitors

The computer industry is quite broad and full of opportunities in online retail. First, it’s important to remember that it goes beyond computers. It also includes several accessories, such as keyboards, mice, projectors, printers and even laptop components – battery, power supply, charger and more.

In addition, the category has various brands that have a strong presence in the market. So you can decide to invest in a specific brand, work with different brands or even focus more on some accessories.

Choose your sales channels well

The 45th edition of Webshoppers also analyzed the shopping habits of Brazilians within the IT category in 2021 and found that 27% of consumers reach stores through search engines. Already 18% search directly for the store or brand name, and 16% take recommendations into account.

This result highlights the importance of investing in channels that bring visibility and reliability to your store, such as marketplaces. They have behind them great brands that bring customers greater security when buying.

In addition, marketplaces increase affiliate sales through delivery, logistics, advertising solutions, and even creating exclusive promotions. Therefore, these merchants can have even more attractive offers – whether for product value, delivery time or shipping.

Today, there are even some niche markets that focus on technology categories or a more tailored audience in this market. Or you can bet on a market that sells everything and, by studying the best strategies for working in the channel, have an even more assertive performance.

Regulation is important

When selling computer products and accessories, it is very important to check whether the items must be homologated, or approved and certified by Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency).

The approval code proves that a specific product has passed the certification process. As a result, it has a guarantee of safety, reliability, conformity and quality, since it complies with the standards and meets the technical requirements established by the regulatory body.

When selling on a marketplace, for example, it is mandatory to provide an authorization code when advertising a product. In this way, you provide consumers with greater security and confidence at the moment of completing the purchase, while respecting the provisions of Brazilian legislation.

Bet on complete registration and seller

Product registration is a step that requires a lot of attention from retailers, and in the IT sector this care should be redoubled. After all, it is through this registration that consumers will have contact with your items and find out if they are really what they are looking for.

Don’t skimp on details in the description and technical sheet! Make sure that you set the correct terms and that all technical information about the product, as well as the warranty for the product, are clear to the consumer.

This attention to detail will reinforce your commitment and the seriousness of your e-commerce store.

Bet also on quality images and products on a white background, because in addition to professionalizing your photos, this tactic can more clearly show all the details of your product, such as size, dimension, material and more.

A well-done product registration can increase your sales, because by including keywords and using some SEO techniques, you can favor your offers in search engines.

The computer and accessories market is full of opportunities for you to take advantage of and get involved in this sector! I hope these tips help you improve your e-commerce business.

Happy selling and until next time!

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