Overwatch 2 Disable Aim Assist ruins the fun for console players

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While Blizzard was busy with an effective makeover monitor 2 “Turn off and on again” was done by mistake last night A third of your heroes are temporarily unplayable In an attempt to address the problems that only affect two, players were upset by another part of the problematic hero shooter: disabling crosshairs helps console players match each other with others on PC.

In June 2021. Blizzard announced look and look he was joking, allowing players on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox to play together. While it was good at letting players push the load across multiple platforms, one Redditor noticed a major lack in the cross-play experience for console players. Yesterday, Redditor KellySweetHeart made a post about r/Overwatch subreddit Highlighting how the goal helped disrupt the interplay of console players during matches with PC players, resulting in a “significant drop in goal consistency” and spoiling the fun for everyone involved.

See more information: monitor 2 He knows what a blizzard is to admit [Update: Entire Characters Pulled ATM]

“For some it’s just a distraction, but others find less enjoyment outside of the game because they’re harmed in this way,” KellySweetHeart said in the post. “That’s a big problem because PC players are already doing better on average, so it’s a double whammy.”

Kelly Sweatheart. He said kotaku This has been a problem for players since the implementation of cross-play in 2021, but now it’s causing new frustration as interest in the game has picked up again after the game’s release. OW2.

He said: “People don’t understand that disabling aim assist for some players renders them completely useless in PC Pool and this directly reflects on their game stats while playing.” kotaku.

While the reason for disabling auto-boosting can be done manually as a way to make competitive play fair between console and PC players, other Redditors shared this, saying it shouldn’t matter since competitive modes can’t be cross-playable under any circumstances with a game. This gave credence to several Redditors who responded to KellySweetHeart’s post to support the argument that target assist should be activated during OW2quick games because people out there play just for fun first.

“If not, at least allow console players to plug M&K into their consoles and simply match via input device. (Other games work fine)”, Someone wrote a redditor.

“Imagine playing any shooting game, but instead of using a mouse, you’re given a flight simulator joystick to try to aim. This is what it’s like to play on a console without any aiming.” said the other.

“I had no idea this was something that was coming into PC lobbies and now explains why the characters I play always feel ‘out there’ when I play with my PC friends,” Other books by Redditors.

Kiriko gives a strong push to Genji and Hanzo.

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Some people on Twitter also expressed their displeasure with the disabling of auto-targeting for players on consoles for cross-play.

supervise 2 Crossplay enabled by default, but console players who didn’t get any aiming help of any kind were pretty bad.” One Twitter user said.

“I just realized monitor 2If you’re playing on multiple platforms, you’ll penalize console players by disabling their aim assist in PC lobbies. Generally the opposite is the case with lmao,” Another user wrote on Twitter.

“My biggest issue with #Overwatch2 is the lack of aim assist when playing in PC lobbies. I finished the game with my PC friends after today. Another user said on Twitter, ending by tweeting the emoticon → 🤦‍♂️ This is very cross-play in this game.

It would be economically unfeasible, to say the least, to suggest to gamers experiencing this problem that they simply buy a computer. However, KellySweetHeart, apparently anticipating what some readers might suggest, deleted the reply in an edit to his post, saying that the reason he and his friends didn’t buy computers was because they couldn’t afford them.

“Hundreds or thousands of dollars would be needed to invest in a platform that can work OW2 Compared to a PS5 priced at MSRP, that would be the difference between several months of billing,” said KellySweetHeart.

He added that not being able to buy a computer doesn’t mean it’s not worth playing with. OW2 With friends, players should not be “separated based on the price of their hardware”.

And for those who might think that the aim assist would be a huge plus for console players if implemented in cross-play, KellySweetHeart thinks otherwise. “As for the mechanical aim assist, it works very well. [in Overwatch 2] It’s more accurate compared to other crossover-enabled games, and I think that gives the game a bigger competitive edge.” kotaku.

kotaku I’ve reached out to Blizzard for comment.

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