Notebook Gamer: What must a laptop have to play The Sims?

Electronic games are taking more and more places in the market and are very dear to those who enjoy this universe. There are those who prefer to play on consoles like PlayStation and Nintendo, but if you like to play on a laptop, the device must have the right settings to run your favorite games.

According to Electronic Arts, as of October 18, the fourth version of the game The Sims it will be free for consoles and PC. The game appeared in 2000 and is a life simulation in which the user creates his character, can choose his personality, appearance and even professional career.

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Before choosing a laptop, it is important to evaluate the prerequisites of the desired game and then look for the device that best suits the needs of the game. Developers usually provide this information and what features like processor, ram memory and video card are relevant and necessary for the game to run properly on the device. Read on to discover the important details and choose the best option for you!

What features does a laptop gamer need to play The Sims 4?


Processors are responsible for the performance of the machine and guarantee speed in the execution of tasks and applications. During games, this item interprets mouse or keyboard movements, for example.

There are several options and processor manufacturers, but Intel Core 8th, 10th, and 11th generation models are usually the most recommended for running games quickly, ensuring better performance. Another important point is the number of processor cores and the larger Intel Core i3 usually has two to four processor cores


This part of the laptop is responsible for preventing possible falls while using the device. There are different options with RAM sizes, but the 16GB models are the most recommended for those who want to play games on their laptop.

There are models that allow you to increase this memory by upgrading it. Additionally, SSD laptops are better than HD laptops because they offer better gaming performance.

Dedicated or integrated video card?

The video card is also an important component for the performance of the laptop, as it is responsible for images and animations, managing graphics functions. For gamers, a laptop with dedicated board is most recommended because it is the device developed to perform these graphical device actions.

already integrated panel, also known as onboard, is built into the motherboard and is powered by the device’s memory and processor, reducing its performance. That’s why laptop models with a dedicated card are most recommended for better performance.

Now that you know the essentials of a gaming laptop, check out the options below for portable devices that are perfect for playing The Sims and other games!

5 models of laptops for playing Sims and other games!

Gamer Nitro 5 laptop, Acer – R$ 6399.00

With a storage of 1 TB, it has an SSD and the operating system Windows 10. Its 9th generation Intel Core i5 processor guarantees a higher speed when playing your favorite game, with a dedicated video card. Find it on Amazon for R$6399.00.

Ideapad gaming laptop, Lenovo – BRL 4238.94

Ideapad gaming laptop, Lenovo – R$4238.94

This model is perfect for those who like to play games and have an Intel Core 5i processor. Along with a 15.6-inch screen, it has 8 GB of memory and a dedicated graphics card that offers better image quality. Find it on Amazon for R$4238.94.

Gamer Nitro 5 Laptop, ACER – BRL 4905.36

Gamer Nitro 5 Laptop, ACER – R$4905.36

Built for gamers, the Gamer Nitro 5 laptop has 8GB of memory and an SSD that runs games more fluidly. It has an Intel Core 5i processor and a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce graphics card. Find it on Amazon for R$4905.36.

Laptop Gamer G15, Dell – R$ 5199.00

Laptop Gamer G15, Dell - R$ 5199.00

With a 15.6-inch screen and a 10th generation Intel Core processor, you can play as much as you want without worrying about performance. It has a dedicated graphics card and 8 GB of memory, which ensures fluidity and better performance. Find it on Amazon for R$5199.00.

Gamer Legion laptop, Lenovo – R$6,879.00

This gaming laptop has a dedicated graphics card and 16GB of memory for a great gaming experience. Ideal for those who need a model with good performance, it has a Ryzen Octa Core processor. Find it on Amazon for R$6879.00.

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