New perspectives for Goiás after the elections

This week’s Nosso Melhor program was doubly interesting. With me are the presidents of Codesea Carlos Alberto Moura and Aciega and Faciesta Rubens Fileti. On the agenda is the analysis of the election results, the scenario for sustainable development and the creation of employment and income in Goiás.

Carlos Alberto Moura says that the next moves of the government of Ronald Caiado in Goiás are expected. Re-elected in the first round, Caiado now has, according to Carlos Alberto, a state parliament that is more aligned with his program. This can result in faster political decision-making. Another emphasis is related to the company Equatorial, the new owner of the electricity distribution system in Goiás, as a hope for the recovery of the energy supply crisis in the country. “I think this is conducive to the creation of jobs and income,” he says.

Rubens Fileti reminds that the first restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic began on his first day of office, and that the new reality led to bankruptcy of several business associations. In this context, Acieg started work on the creation of Faciesto, a business federation with an extended scope that could include more agents, economic sectors and municipalities.

In this new phase that we are experiencing, Carlos Alberto Moura defends a greater dialogue between different social sectors, that is, public, private, third sector and universities. For President Codese, the moment is favorable for partnerships. Rubens Fileti follows the same line and believes that the Goiás government is ready to expand its dialogue. For President Aciego, it is time to attract companies. There are numerous variables that “scare” companies in Goiás and other states, but now is a different moment. “It is necessary to support the manufacturing sector in its demand for recovery,” he says, referring, among other things, to investments in infrastructure and the reduction of bureaucracy.

Fileti points out that attracting and creating new companies in Goiás should be a priority. President Aciego lists professions such as fashion, technology and innovation that can influence the economy. Carlos Alberto recalls that the fashion belt of Goiânia has the capacity to create many jobs with little investment and very quickly. “Goiânia is second, but it can be the biggest fashion producer in Brazil without the state having to invest a lot,” he explains.

The new law on e-commerce, that is, electronic commerce, needs adjustments to better serve micro and small companies, Rubens Fileti quotes. He mentions product distribution centers in Brazil that expedite product delivery within days. President Aciega cites merchants on 44th Street who started selling their clothes through WhatsApp during the pandemic and that it has become a great source of sales. Digital security is also a concern for retailers.


“It is crucial that we build a ring road,” exclaims Carlos Alberto. This measure means the emergence of a large distribution and logistics center for the Midwest, as well as new industrial areas in the Metropolitan Region of Goiânia. The president of Codese hopes that Codemetro will start operating. Codemetro is a council of municipalities in the Metropolitan Region of Goiânia, which would be essential to accelerate development projects based on legislation that is harmonized between municipalities.


The electoral process is not over yet and the opposing forces should face strong clashes for the next few years. The business sector requires political maturity. Aciego’s mission, Fileti emphasizes, is to protect the CNPJ and dialogue with political forces. For Carlos Alberto, the sector can technically contribute to the political class, regardless of which side.

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