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The school unit of Lili Silveira, which is part of the State Public Education Network, in the municipality of Jaicós, received important investments. The unit received 14 air conditioners of 24,000 btus and 20 computers for the IT classroom.

With the equipment provided by the State Government, the school is now fully air-conditioned and has an IT classroom adequately equipped for the needs of students and school staff.

Pedro Ricardo, a 3rd year student, said that the school’s air conditioning was long overdue. “It was a lot of trouble, because apart from the noise of the fans, sometimes the professors had to turn it off in order to teach, but then the heat came, so we couldn’t concentrate on the class. The students’ expectations were high, they were waiting for this climate, but thank God it arrived and it was great”.

He thanked the school staff and said that the new computers will also help the students. “The lab will also help a lot, because professors give assignments and many students don’t have a computer or internet access at home, so now they can go to school and do those assignments here. I am very grateful to the teachers, coordinators, principal, everyone who fought for these achievements of our school”.

Year 2 student A, Juliana Sousa, highlighted the importance of the equipment the school received. “It was very hot, the professors had a hard time teaching us because of the noise of the fans, and now it’s much better. Before, we had a hard time concentrating, we couldn’t hear the professors well, but now it’s perfect. Now the school also provides computers, which makes it easier for us, because before we had to use them in the secretariat”.

José Gabriel de Carvalho, who has studied at Lili Silveira since 2018, also celebrated the improvements. “The school coordination has been trying to get this material for a long time, and now it has borne fruit. Now it will improve a lot in terms of heat, I believe that it is already going very well with the installation of these air conditioners, due to the heat, which has been much stronger in recent months. Before, it was complicated and that had a lot of impact on the classes, but now, thank God, it’s going much better”.

For student Maria Clara de Paiva, the reality is now different. “The weather improved because everyone was complaining about the heat, even if the windows were open it wasn’t very hot, and the fans were disturbing the classes. Now it’s much better, you can already feel the difference. Before, these computers were also very difficult to operate, so we used the secretary’s computer for research, but now we have these”.

In addition to the investments already mentioned, between 2021 and 2022, UE Lili Silveira also benefited from the drilling of a tube well, which improved the distribution of water in the school building; construction of an independent substation with a transformer (booster electricity); in order (R$ 27,459.94); installation of tactile floors, as the only state school in the region that has an indicative floor for people with disabilities, of the order of value (R$ 12,000.00); and 20 fans for installation in the cafeteria/terrace; (State contract).

The investments will facilitate the work of the school team and the comfort of students, teachers and other employees, in addition to improving teaching/learning. “The administration of UE Lili Silveira, even in spite of all the difficulties, kept the council active during the days and thus we managed to receive several investments in our school building”, he emphasizes.

Omaciana Franco, who has been working at the school since 2013 and currently works as a geography teacher, said that the school is a benchmark in terms of teaching quality, and now it has structural improvements.

“Our school has always been a benchmark in terms of teaching quality, and now the physical part has been improved. We already had a clean, orderly school, but there was that problem with the fans, because they were inadequate, because you couldn’t even speak properly because of the noise, you practically had to scream in the classroom. With the acclimatization of the school, everything was now 100%. We have an excellent faculty, quality teaching, books for everyone, and now it’s also a question of comfort, ambience, in the sense that the rooms are better so that we can have greater efficiency in teaching. And we can already feel the difference in the attendance and participation of the students”.

The educator said that the arrival of new computers is also fundamental. “Our computers were very old, some were no longer useful, and now with these new computers they will be very useful. Instead of them having to go to an internet house or bring a cell phone, which ends up disrupting the lessons, with our computer classroom it will improve 100%, because we will be able to bring them directly here and do the activities right here on the computers, which are very good, first generation . We just have to thank the administration, the state government that has made a difference in this aspect in public schools”.

The school’s finance coordinator, Wanderson Carvalho, said progress with the items received has been significant. “We got 14 air stations that were recently installed. All rooms, including those for teachers, principals and the canteen, were air-conditioned. The teachers complained a lot about the noise of the fans, when they turned off they couldn’t stand the heat. There was the entry and exit of students, and complaints and now we had to let BRO BRÓ out earlier because of the heat and now we will solve this difficulty and we hope to greatly improve the learning of students and the work of teachers”.

As for the computers, Wanderson said that the demands of the students can now be met. “As for the laboratory, it will improve significantly, because here in the secretariat we only had three computers, students always came to do something, and we had no way to provide support. Now there are 20 computers that will serve students in three shifts. We have been looking for this material for a long time, and now it has helped us. Our school has a very nice structure.”

He also left an invitation to young people from Jaicós to enroll in school.
“We are already inviting students from the neighborhoods of Nova Olinda, Centro, Armínio José de Sousa, neighboring and rural communities, that at the end of the current school year we will start enrollment for the year 2023, offering Elementary School II (6th, 7th, 8th and 9.) in the morning and Gymnasium (1., 2., 3. and EJA) in the afternoon and evening shift”, he concluded.

The director of the school is Maria das Mercês Santana Barros, and its pedagogical coordinators are Maria dos Remédios Coelho Ferreira Aguiar and Arlene de Sousa Dias. The unit is currently attended by 297 students.

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