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The Horizon Worlds app is getting a web version soon. So far, the platform is only available through the Meta virtual reality headset. With the novelty, users who want to have an immersive experience in the metaverse will no longer need virtual reality glasses and will be able to access the environment through computers and mobile phones, using a share link. The announcement was made this Tuesday (11th) during Meta Connect, the company’s annual conference. The big tech, however, did not reveal the launch date.

The goal is to extend the Horizon Worlds experience beyond virtual reality, expanding the ability to connect between users. “Making these virtual worlds accessible through any device takes the ability to connect people to another level,” Meta said in a statement.

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Horizon Worlds, by Meta, will soon have a web version. — Photo: Disclosure/Goal

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The company acknowledged that the web experience will be more limited because it removes some of the interaction possibilities offered by virtual reality. However, for Meta, the launch of the web version is “a gateway to a whole new population of developers, creators and people” – and, also, a way to go head-to-head with platforms that already provide immersive experiences without the need for a headset. , such as The Sandbox, Roblox and Decentraland.

In addition to making access to the metaverse easier, Meta is also working to improve the integration between Horizon Worlds and its other platforms. During the conference, the company also announced that it will be possible to record videos in a virtual environment and share them as Reels on Instagram, introducing new ways of creating and sharing content. However, Meta did not reveal when the feature will be available, or how it will work.

Videos recorded in Horizon Worlds can be shared as Reels on Instagram — Photo: Disclosure/Meta

Horizon Worlds is rejected by Meta employees themselves

Despite increasing investments, the project that changed the name of Facebook does not seem to be going very well. According to the correspondence obtained by the portal The Verge Since October 6th, Horizon Worlds has been experiencing instability issues, and even company employees do not want to use the platform.

“We don’t spend that much time on Horizon and our internal panels make that clear,” says Vishal Shah, vice president responsible for the metaverse, according to a document obtained by The Verge. “Because? Why don’t we love the product we create so much that we use it all the time? The simple truth is, if we don’t like it, how can we expect our users to love it?”

Mark Zuckerberg’s selfie in the metaverse becomes a joke on the Internet — Photo: Disclosure / Mark Zuckerberg

In August, a selfie of Mark Zuckerberg’s avatar in the metaverse became an Internet joke due to the poor quality of the graphics, which fell far short of what was expected from a company of Meta’s size. Ordinary users and experts criticized the childishness of the strokes, their backward appearance and the lack of light and shadow detail.

After the memes, Zuckerberg posted an improved avatar photo. “I know the photo I posted earlier this week is pretty simple – it was taken very quickly to celebrate the release,” the CEO wrote in the post’s caption. He went on to say that the graphics are “capable of much more” and that Horizon Worlds is “improving rapidly”.

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