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Teams from the Viçosa and Florestal campuses have qualified for the finals of the Brazilian programming marathon


Two UFV teams qualified for the finals of the Brazilian developer marathon, which will be held in March 2023 in the city of Campo Grande (MS). The marathon is a university competition in computer programming, whose The first stage was held last Saturday (8th) with the participation of 556 teams from 170 Brazilian institutions. They competed for 42 places in different parts of the country.

A total of 50 teams qualified for the finals of the marathon promoted by the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC), nine of which are from Minas Gerais. UFV teams Classified were ON “Senza Verza”, dirViçosa campus, formed by Computer science students Matheus Aguilar de Oliveira, Natan Seabra Garcias and Gabriel de Paula Félix, and “does it pass in 1 ms?”, From Informatics students at the Florestal campus Dener Vieira Ribeiro, Germano Barcelos Santos and Guilherme Corrêa Melos. The Viços team was trained from side the teachers from the Department of Informatics André Gustavo dos Santos and Salles Viana Gomes de Magalhães and that from Forestry by Master Estela Miranda Batista, degree in computer science at UFV.

on ranking of the first phase, Viçosa was in 17th place, and Florestal was in 40th place. since it started The participate in the marathon, this was UFV’s best performance in this phase of the competition, according to Professor Andrew. Hmore than 10 years, without interruption, tImes from the Viçosa campus qualified for the Brazilian finals. “Senza Verza” itself was already in the second final. With regard to Florestal, iThis is the fifth participation of the campus and the third classification in this stage. only “pass in 1ms?” already been in it twice. Paranaíba River also already participated in the national finals in 2017. In addition, in this year’s edition, the campus was represented by a team of students who were new to the competition and were coached by Professor Guilherme de Castro.

For the purposes of the competition, “Senza Verza” did intensive training independently during the extraordinary period from the University, acting in several simulated competitions and Brazilian ICPC Summer School. already preparation “pass in 1ms?” it happened as part of the expansion program MinasCoderswhich was coordinated by teachers Gláucia Braga and Thais Regina, from Institute for Exact and Technological Sciences at UFV-Florestal. It is worth noting that, through MinasCoders, campus Florestal sent this edition seven girls to compete.

During the state finals gives Brazilian Programming Marathon, in March of the following year, representatives for the world finals International university programming competition (ICPC), the most prestigious computer programming competition.

According to the SBC, the marathon is intended for students of undergraduate and initial graduate studies in the field of computing, etc. It promotes creativity in students, the ability to work in a team, the search for new software and ability to solve problems under pressure.

The meeting takes place through teams of three students who try to solve as many of the 10 or more tasks set at the beginning of the competition during five hours. These students have at their disposal only the computer and printed materials (books, lists, manuals) to win the battle against time and suggested problems. In this year’s competition, UFV participated with 11 teams (five from Viçosa, five from Florestal and one from Rio Paranaíba). The university has been present at the marathon since its first edition in 1996.

You can find more information about the Programming Marathon at SBC websiteas well as complete score first phase.

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The Viçosa Senza Verza campus team placed 17th in the first stage

Does it pass in 1ms? from the Florestal campus has already been to the finals twice

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