Educação do Tocantins supplies more than 700 computers to 20 state schools – Conection Tocantins

The Government of Tocantins, through the Secretary of State for Education (Seduc), delivered this Tuesday, the 11th, more than 700 Chromebooks, which are a new type of computer designed to carry out tasks faster and benefit 20 schools in the state network. Governor Wanderlei Barbosa took part in the presentation, which took place in the meeting room of the Seduc headquarters, located in Praça dos Girassois, in Palmas, and reinforced the administration’s commitment to education, especially technical vocational education.

“We are making this delivery with great joy in order to bring technology to schools and make life easier for students, but also for our educational experts. We will do much more for education and we will invest in the physical structure of the school units and in the evaluation of our teachers”, said Wanderlei Barbosa.

The equipment was acquired through a federal agreement with the Programa Brasil Profissionalizado in exchange with the state, which invested a total of R$2,022,636.48. This delivery will benefit students from the teaching units of the Regional Education Authorities in Araguatins, Arraias, Colinas do Tocantins, Dianópolis, Gurupi, Miracema do Tocantins, Palmas, Pedro Afonso, Porto Nacional and Tocantinópolis.

There are 20 school units offering secondary technical vocational education, integrated secondary school (EMI); National program of integration of vocational and basic education in the modality of youth and adult education (Proeja); and Vocational and Technological Education (VET).

The school equipping project is being carried out by the current administration, which for the state secretary of education, Fábio Vaza, is a hallmark of the current administration. “This delivery is the result of a joint effort. There are 20 schools that will profit with computers today and that will help a lot in state education. I am grateful to be a part of this moment and congratulate the whole team for their work, because we only provide good education with qualified and dedicated people. Our proposal is to equip all schools in the national public network from 2023,” the state secretary for education pointed out.

The head of scientific, technological and professional education in Seduc, Cristiane Pina, mentioned that this is a moment of great celebration, since Seduc has been working on the procurement of equipment since 2008. “We managed to mobilize, a working group within . It took a lot of hands and effort to carry out the project. We achieved this thanks to the determination and leadership of the current administration. All this is the desire, not only of the Seduc team, but also of our professors and students”, celebrated Cristiane.

In the municipality of Ponte Alta, in the region of Jalapão, the computers will be directed to Colégio Estadual Odolfo Soares. The head of the teaching unit, professor Kátia Maria Tavares, said that the Chromebooks will significantly help in the education of students in the city, who are in great need of technological stimulation. “It is a very happy moment to receive another tool that will surely contribute a lot to the students’ learning. Expectations are huge with this tool they will add,” said the director.

The director of Colégio Agropecuário de Natividade, Odair José Moura, referred to the acquisition of equipment and how it enables dynamic teaching, contributing to the improvement of teaching as a whole, and even more professional development. “Our school is a professional institution and today we know that this type of education must be connected more than ever. We work with the agricultural course, which is currently a sector that offers many tools that are available online, especially when we work with precision agriculture. This equipment will help our students a lot,” said Odair.

Chromebooks are stored in charging carts. Each charging car has 40 computers that can be charged simultaneously and quickly. A Chromebook differs from a laptop, for example, because it has a specific system, running on focused hardware, that enables better work performance, from using systems and programs to accessing the Internet. This action promotes the digital inclusion of 1,859 students, distributed in 23 technical courses, for whom technology is one of the principles of vocational and technological education. (Secom/TO)

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