E-commerce expected to grow 42% in Brazil by 2025; check out Google’s tips on how to increase your sales

After prioritizing digital sales during the worst of the pandemic, retailers have returned to focusing on brick-and-mortar stores, according to Google. Compared to January 2021, at the beginning of this year, a growth of 5.7% in total retail sales was recorded, but a decrease of 26.6% if only e-commerce.

However, this does not mean that big brands can leave digital on the back burner. A survey conducted by Google with Euromonitor analyzed consumer behavior in relation to retail and found that more than half of Brazilians care only about having the product they want — regardless of whether it is purchased online or offline. By 2025, e-commerce is predicted to grow by 42% in the country, with retail accounting for 39% of this sales growth.

Check out the following tips from Google to improve your business:

1 – Understand what success is for your business and create goals

What is your goal with digitization? According to Google, this question should have very clear answers if you want this process to be sustainable and long-lasting. It is important to know what your company hopes to achieve, define its goals and create a plan to achieve them so that expectations are aligned with the adopted strategy.

The company claims that The seeds of digitization cannot be planted only in those who propose these changes, but must be incorporated into the culture of the company, in all instances and sectors. In principle, seasonal strategies are a good approach to investing in digital, but robust and effective results require a continuous process implemented throughout the organization.

2 – Measure your results

Can you tell how many people saw your company’s billboard and went to the store? Or what promotion on a flyer or TV commercial encouraged the consumer to buy? Measuring results is key to creating successful marketing strategies, and digital is much more effective in this regard, the company advises.

It is possible to measure not only sales and interactions online, but also to have a dimension of how the digital strategy affected offline, such as store visits that occurred after some online search or how many times a person clicked on “how to get there” after you saw an ad, for example.

According to Google, measurement done well can affect not only your marketing strategy, but also your logistics. With this data in hand, it is possible, for example, to form more effective partnerships with your suppliers.

But to do that, the company suggests setting up your own Google My Business right, integrate it with Google Ads, implement metrics and respect the time required for machine learning to deliver results.

3 – Be ready to expand and grow

According to Google, digitization brings new requirements to all sectors of your business. This will make your business advanced and you will need more input, people, training and structure.

It is important that all areas are aligned. If only the marketing team is involved in the digitization process and not accompanied by logistics, commercial or human resources, you may be creating a long-term problem rather than a solution for your business.

According to the company,For this, it is ideal to have a well-integrated database and recognize that your customer is one, regardless of how they buy — online or offline. One of the risks of a lack of integration is creating an unsatisfactory user experience. And it doesn’t make sense that the experience starts well, it has to be positive throughout the consumer journey and remain engaging throughout the whole relationship with the brand.

Finally, Google claims it is pioneering spirit is an important characteristic of companies and businesses that build successful trajectories. C-level commitment is key to developing digital maturity. For growth and expansion, it is necessary to invest, but above all to believe in digital.

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Source: Google

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