Brazil’s e-commerce breaks revenue record and grows 27% in 2021

ON Brazilian e-commerce recorded record revenues in 2021, which totaled more than BRL 161 billion, a growth of 26.9% compared to the previous year. The number of orders increased by 16.9%, with 353 million deliveries, according to the survey Neotrust. The company, which is responsible for tracking more than 85% of Brazilian e-commerce, also points out that the average ticket increased by 8.6% in 2021 compared to 2020, reaching an average of BRL 455 per purchase.

In the quarterly balance, one of the highlights is the increase in the number of orders in the 1st quarter, which increased from 49.9 million in 2020 to 78.5 million in 2021. starting a physical store. In the fourth quarter of 2021 alone, 101.6 million orders were shipped, compared to 86.6 million in 2020. Revenue reached BRL 46.4 billion in 2021, compared to BRL 38.7 billion in 2020,” he points out. Paulina Dias., head of the intelligence department at Neotrust.

The success of e-commerce in 2021

Categories with the most orders made during the year are: fashion, beauty and perfumery and health. The last area was highlighted, which showed an 87% increase in income from the sale of medicines via the Internet in 2021.

Mobile phones, household appliances and electronics were the segments with which higher income in 2021. And the most prominent regions are the Southeast, which concentrated 62.3% of orders in 2021, and the Northeast, with 15.1% of orders – equivalent to 3.5 percentage points more than in 2020 for the region.

The results by gender show that women have 58.9% share orders, compared to 41.1% of men. However, the average ticket for women is lower than for men: 387 BRL compared to 552 BRL. The age index shows that online purchases predominantly come from the age group of 36 to 50 years, which represents 34.9%, and from 26 to 35 years, which represents 32.1% of the total volume. Purchases made by people over 51 increased from 15.5% in 2020 to 16.6% in 2021.

Also, according to Neotrust research, credit card remains the preferred payment method for Brazilians in e-commerce. According to the analysis, 69.7% of purchases were made by credit card, 16.9% by bank slip, 11.1% by other forms of payment (e.g. wallet and cashback) and 2.3% via Pix. Although still not very pronounced, orders paid with Pix increased in 2021: in January they represented 1% among all payment methods, and in December they reached 4%.

Projection for 2022

According to a projection made by Neotrust for 2022, e-commerce revenue is expected to grow by around 9%, reaching a record turnover of R$174 billion this year. Despite the positive growth, inflation, the high dollar and the pessimistic projection of Brazil’s GDP are factors that can negatively affect the growth of online retail.

Online orders are expected to grow by 8%, totaling 379 million purchases. The average ticket should remain stable, with an increase of about 1%, estimated at R$ 460 per person.

The category that should grow the most is electronics, 21%, followed by small household appliances, 19%, food and beverages, which should grow 18%. The segments with the highest revenues should be: telephony (R$32.4 billion), household appliances (R$23.7 billion) and electronics (R$18.6 billion).

“For 2022, it is expected that there will be an expansion in the market, with companies more ready for this channel. Another trend is the improvement of the interaction between physical and digital, which will enable greater efficiency in purchases and in the relationship between consumers and stores”, analyzes Fabrício Dantas, CEO of Neotrust.

“In terms of payments, digital wallets and Pix should continue to grow, to expand their share of e-commerce. With an increasingly competitive market, online retail should bet on faster and more functional delivery, for example, as a way to attract and retain customers,” concludes Dantas.

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