Google’s John Mueller has some advice for crypto lovers

Although graphics cards have been the foundation of Ethereum’s trillion-dollar economy for seven years now, those days are over. However, other industries are learning that these devices can be more efficient than processors.

A good example of this is its use for finding regular expressions. In other words, any text search, such as email or file searches that look for viruses and malware.

Under the title “Hardware Accelerated Regular Expression Matcher”he shared the article John Mueller of Google shows that using video cards instead of processors can speed up this process up to 68 times.

“Crypto fans, if you don’t know what to do with your graphics cards, you can apparently use them for mining… hmmm, speed up the regular expressions too. $regex $raijiix”

John Mueller has worked at Google since 2007 and is currently the search giant’s research coordinator. Along with the research team, Mueller connects Google’s search engineering with the people who create and optimize public websites.

So Mueller and his team help internal teams understand the external web ecosystem and help publishers create good websites that serve both users and search engines.

Mueller regularly helps SEO experts by answering questions on live streams.

The evolution from CPU to GPU has already happened in Bitcoin itself

Today, ASICs dominate, whose job is exactly that, Bitcoin mining was initially done with processors, as well as searching for regular expressions.

However, back in 2010, a developer created a prototype for using video cards for data processing. Interestingly, it was the same guy who paid 10,000 BTC for two pizzas.

“I have a working prototype of Bitcoin generation with OpenCL. OpenCL is similar to OpenGL, but it’s for computing, not graphics.”

Not only did the idea succeed—increasing mining efficiency and energy efficiency—it also worried Bitcoin’s creator, Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

“I don’t want to sound like a socialist, I don’t care if the wealth is concentrated, but for now we have more growth [de adoção] give that money to 100% of people rather than give it to 20%. Also, the longer we can delay the GPU rush, the more mature the OpenCL libraries become, and the more people will have OpenCL-compatible graphics cards.”commented Satoshi Nakamoto on the arrival of GPUs in Bitcoin mining.

So this shows how video cards have been outperforming processors in certain propositions for over a decade.

Video cards for processing regular expressions

It is interesting that this use of video cards attacks other areas in addition to graphics. In the example provided by John Mueller, regular expression lookups are reduced by a factor of 2 to 68 when GPUs take the place of CPUs.

As a result, with less time, it should be noted that such computers will also not suffer from the sluggishness previously associated with CPU usage.

“Regular expression matching is used in applications such as spam filters and antivirus software. It can slow down your computer.”

“Accelerating computation is not only useful for getting clean emails faster and for those who want a secure computer, but moving that computation to the GPU will likely give the user a better experience since the CPU is doing almost no computation.”concludes the document.

Finally, it is worth noting that such use still does not bring profit like mining, but it shows how powerful this hardware is. In any case, this should not worry gamers who are now relieved to see video card prices drop due to falling demand.

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