Customer Success: The Difference for Businesses Who Want to Stand Out in the Digital World

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Ju Fraccaroli talks about how a professional is responsible for looking at every step of the process and simplifying it as much as possible so that the customer has the best experience

Per Ju Fraccaroli – 10.10.2022

The expansion of online retail and the consolidation of e-commerce continue to have positive effects and increase expectations in the segment after the pandemic. According to Neotrust research, the number of orders in the second quarter of the year increased by 4.3%, totaling 89.6 million online sales and causing e-commerce to accumulate revenue of BRL 38.4 billion.

One of the reasons for this online movement could be the way in which companies have positioned themselves and served their consumers, providing complete positive experiences that, in addition to building customer loyalty and making them ambassadors of their own brand, promoting products and services, also determine the success and relevance of the company in the digital environment, strengthening and evaluating business-consumer relations.

The professional who makes this possible is a customer success or customer success specialist. This is because he is the one who establishes improvements in the relationship with the consumer, but also in other sectors of the company, including sales, marketing, logistics and human resources, adapting and proposing updates to achieve goals, achieve results and gain authority. on the market.

It is the CS’s responsibility to take care of the customer and ensure that he has a good experience with the company when purchasing a product or contracting a service and that they meet his expectations.

Professional for digital companies

In a traditional, offline market, businesses already know what to do, and customers already know what to expect. However, in digital, the experience is completely new, changing and shaped by the needs of the consumer, who is increasingly immediate and demanding.

Brazil has not been a country with a strong tradition of online shopping and many Brazilians have even made their first online purchase in the past few years. It’s no wonder that since the start of the pandemic, we’ve seen exponential growth in digital business, whether it’s physical products sold online or info products, like courses and e-books, for example. It is at this point that customer success becomes essential for online businesses, taking care of the entire customer journey and ensuring that their experience is always amazing.

With the increase in demand, the competition is getting tougher, which is why the competition is challenged by a large reputable physical store that also sells online or a micro-entrepreneur who uses social media to promote his product. So how will a customer choose who to buy from so many options available? The answer is through the user experience you will get from each of them.

Consumers want to solve problems, and this includes access to the company’s communication channels, served by an agile human who knows their history and does not need to ask for repeated information at every step of the process, and has access to answers. In digital, it’s the CS who creates the strategy that sets a company’s customer service apart from the rest and, in most cases, it’s because they’ve made the consumer’s life easier by offering them the tools to have a satisfying experience within their business.

The role of CS when it comes to highlighting companies on the Internet

The experiences provided to the user in a digital environment are completely different from those that happen in person, and this is easily noticeable. We can compare, for example, the experience of buying shorts in physical facilities or in digital stores. In an offline environment, the customer is served by a salesperson who will listen to their preferences, ask for a number and bring some options to try. This process can be repeated several times until a purchase decision is made. After paying for the product and receiving the package, the consumer leaves and that contact with the company lasts a short time, certainly less than 1 hour.

On the Internet, a customer must first find a website that must have different specifications to satisfy the consumer’s goal, which is to buy shorts. A customer success expert is one who is aware of the entire path taken in the system and menus to purchase and also follows that customer afterwards, in the logistics of delivery and possible exchange of products, increasing the period of contact between the company and the customer.

A CS is the right person who can also help an entrepreneur go online, as long as he specializes in digital. This is a professional who will look at all stages of the process, but also many others, and simplify it as much as possible so that the customer has the best possible experience within the business!

Per: Ju Fraccaroli

Ju Fraccaroli is an expert in customer service and satisfaction. In nearly a decade of career, she is the name behind the customer service success and success strategies of some of the biggest digital cases in the market.

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