Check out 7 must-see Brazilian indie titles at the fair

Are you getting ready to line up for Brasil Game Show (BGS) and don’t know where to start with so much? How about getting off on the right foot by knowing indie games?

“Indie” (short for “independent”) games are produced by small teams of developers — often as a side project or even as a startup studio in the game market.

With much less money than the established companies (the famous AAAs or “triple-As”), they usually don’t have a lot of hype behind them, and as a result, they have to bet a lot on quality, so word of mouth reaches players.

bias has picked out some of the indie game options we’ve been testing at Latin America’s biggest gaming fair for you to meet, have fun with, and maybe even chat with the creators at the fair that runs until next Wednesday (12). Visiting them is easy: just go to Avenida Indie, in the middle of the fair. Titles range from simulations and combat to RPGs.

1. Tiles Online

Do you miss hunting monsters and online adventures with friends? Started playing online at the time of Tibia and such? Because Kakele is a great option for more nostalgic games.

In this MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game), several players come together by choosing one of five “classes”, roles that will define their attributes in the game. You can be a hunter, a warrior, a barbarian, a mage or an alchemist, and in the best style of games from the 90s and 2000s, explore the virtual world.

The graphics are 2D, and the environment is very reminiscent of the first games in Legend of Zelda. In addition to all the basic things that are usually done in this game – research different scenarios, face monsters, explore caves and collect items — Kakele Online bets on the Pay To Earn model: you play, you earn cryptocurrencies and you can sell them for real money.

The game is free and available for PC via Steam or in the Apple and Play Store applications. Curious? So just take a look below:

2. Zero Sievert

Combining the survival and exploration elements of the Stalker series with the 2D combat shooter Enter the Gungeon, Zero Sievert is set in a post-apocalyptic world where you must complete missions and manage your base to progress.

In order to achieve the goals, several available items will be used to supply and arm you, modify your weapons and improve your performance. And they are more than necessary, because the world of Zero Sievert is very hostile. You will have to clear the scenarios according to your goal, but be careful: the enemies have bullets in the needle and do not giveto time to react.

Zero Sievert comes to open access for PC, via Steam, developed by Cabo Studio and published by Modern Wolf. The demo is now available for download.

3. Eclipse: The glow of the dawn

In this game, you take on the role of Luke, an adventurer who wields the legendary Suncatcher sword and must restore light to a kingdom that has been taken over by darkness. In this real-time combat RPG, you will face enemies, solve puzzles in a fantastic environment with 3D graphics, while restoring the power of weapons by defeating colossal monsters.

Eclipse: Shine of Dawn currently does not have a release date, and a preview video still shows that the game is in its early stages. It is developed and produced by Iamandu Studios and is slated to be released for PC, via Steam.

4. Plot

This was a surprise: Plott is a 2D platform game developed by Senac students. The graphics are simple, but the dynamics of the game challenge you: you are a little frog who needs to jump and stick his tongue on the walls to move and collect coins throughout the scenario.

Sounds simple, right? But the real fun of Plocto is to progress through the scenarios, jumping without falling over the chasms: the little frog can’t stick his tongue into areas that aren’t green, and the coordination of jumps and precise clicks in a fast way will require nerves of steel – very reminiscent of the famous platform indie, Celeste.

Plott, a Celeste-style platform built by Senac students, is at BGS

Image: Reproduction

Demo Plott is available for download at

5. World6

Are you one of those who joined competitive Fall Guys? I was watching the 6th round and I was wondering if you can survive? Then World6 might be the next game to watch out for.

Developed by Brazilians, here you will enter the metaverse, a virtual 3D simulation environment, with several competitions. In World6, you’ll uncover scenarios, chat with other players, and take part in tests like obstacle courses or platform battles.

The reward for all that? Rewards can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies on a dedicated market, with payouts via Binance. Your characters and pets that accompany this virtual world are also tradable as they are NFTs.

This is for those who love exploration and violent combat. In the world of Goldilock One, you take on the role of a prisoner sent to an inhospitable region, where you must fight for your survival — and save your memory.

In the best hack ‘n’ slash style, the game seems to be influenced by God War, with puzzles, powers and huge boss fights. You’ll need strategy and skill to bring the big guys down once and for all. In the trailers, you can see the protagonist fighting alongside other heroes, which makes sense with the game’s proposal promising multiplayer cooperation.

Developed and distributed by ShedOfIdeas, the game is soon to be funded by Catarse and is expected to be released for PC via Steam. Images are currently from Pre-Alpha:

7. chiriocity

Do you like building and managing cities”SimCity“, but missing another setting? Then Quiriocity might catch your eye: this construction simulator will let you build different regions of the science fiction world.

You have landed on an inhospitable planet, with conditions similar to Earth, and you need to create a colony on it. But the task is not so simple: just like in the late simulator, with progress will come specific problems, such as fire and lack of resources. It will be necessary to be a good ruler to progress in different regions.

Developed and distributed by Oxeliz Pvt Ltd, the game is in early access on Steam.

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