Arrow turns 10: facts few fans knew

It may not seem like it, but arrow debuted 10 years ago. It was October 10, 2012, what they didn’t know at the time was the beginning of an entire universe that DC Comics had built on TV.

Airing for eight seasons, arrow it spawned several spin-offs, with some still in the air – such as The Flash and Superman & Lois. In addition, he created a huge fan base, who followed the adventures of Oliver Queen, as well as became big fans of the work of the star of the series, Stephen Amell.

In these 10 years arrowON Series Mix brings up some interesting facts that many fans may not know. Congratulations, arrow!

arrow Inspired by the Dark Knight trilogy

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In the mid-2000s, Green Arrow almost became the protagonist of a feature film, which never took off. So, thanks to the series Smallville, he was destined to be a supporting character in the universe of Clark Kent. But it wasn’t until producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg looked at Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy that they were inspired to create their own version of Green Arrow to match.

It is therefore possible to draw many parallels between arrow and Batman Begins, for example, especially in the early seasons.

Originally, no one was supposed to have super powers

Arrow 10 years
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arrow was originally intended to be completely free of the super powers, magic and mysticism that eventually became a regular part of the series. Before the show premiered, the cast and crew threw around the words “fundamental” and “realistic” during interviews.

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“We tried to make it as real as possible. The character has no superpowers. No one in the show has superpowers.”Amell told IGN ahead of the show’s first season.

Liam Neeson wanted to reprise his role as Ra’s al Ghul

Arrow 10 years
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Before it was decided that Matt Nable would play the villainous Ra’s al Ghul during the third season arrowthere was a chance that Liam Neeson would reprise the role he originally played in 2005’s Batman Begins.

When it spread arrow would portray the infamous villain Batman, a reporter from MTV asked Neeson if he would return. To the surprise of the press, Neeson said he would reprise the role “immediately”.

After word of Neeson’s interest reached CW president Mark Pedowitz, Pedowitz made Neeson an offer. However, Neeson could not get his schedule right and the participation never happened.

Felicity Smoak was only supposed to appear in one episode

Arrow 10 years
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Emily Bett Rickards’ role as Felicity Smoak in the series was supposed to be no more than one episode. Rickards told Comic Book Resources that the character was originally written as “a ‘possibly recurring’ role“, which, he admits, rarely happens, if at all.

But her performance impressed everyone so much that she became one of the main cast members, leading to the character being reintroduced to the comics in recent years. She also made more than half a dozen appearances on The Flash between 2014 and 2017.

Security was visible

Arrow 10 years
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Most series and movies of this genre are full of stunts and arrow certainly not an exception. And while the series is full of explosions, zip lines and broken windows, the footage isn’t always perfect.

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This series, like most, had a strong emphasis on actor safety. Safety nets and ropes accompanied every stunt and every exploding window: one of these safety ropes is visible in the pilot when Oliver flies through the window. In another episode, when Arrow and Arsenal dive to the ground to avoid an explosion, they land on a safety mat that becomes visible for a moment.

Oliver made an impossible jump

Arrow 10 years
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One of the best parts arrow are flashes. In a flashback at the beginning of Season 4, Argus sends Oliver back to Lian Yu, the fateful island that plays such a significant role in Oliver’s life. This time, however, he arrives on the island by jumping out of a plane instead of crashing on the beach.

The type of military jump he made would have put him about 20,000 feet in the air. In real life, the jump would have killed him without the oxygen tank. We know Oliver is tough, but this one went a little too far.

Star City Police Headquarters

Arrow 10 years
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As in all crime dramas, the police station has a relatively significant role arrow. In previous seasons, this was exactly where Oliver was almost arrested. In later seasons, it served as the home of the new black canary.

In order to get these really cool exterior shots of the building, the production team filmed it at the Los Angeles Public Library. If the building looked a little familiar, that’s why.

Harley Quinn

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As the series progressed, so did ARGUS, a strange and powerful organization that was responsible for many questionable acts.

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in the episode ‘Suicide Squad‘, Harley Quinn was featured in a short cameo, played by Cassidy Alexa. But her only line was actually provided by Tara Strong, who voiced Quinn in Batman: Arkham Knight and Arkham City.

Title of the episode

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All series like to include a lot of references throughout their episodes. AND arrow really includes Easter eggs in their episode titles.

This doesn’t apply all the time, but in almost all episode titles arrow they appear in every episode as spoken dialogue, which makes the titles that much more important.

The series contains some Bruce Springsteen references

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Speaking of titles, during the first three seasons arrowthe title of the penultimate episode of each season was the title of a Bruce Springsteen song.

For Season 1, there’s “Darkness on the Edge of Town” followed by “Streets of Fire” in Season 2 and “This Is Your Sword” in Season 3. It’s still unclear what the connection between the songs and episodes is, but someone on arrow he must have been a big fan of the Boss.

Oliver didn’t learn to be a hacker?

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During his years of bloody service with ARGUS, Oliver has proven that he does indeed have a rudimentary level of skill in the field of technology and computer hacking. At the beginning of his crusade he had several computers installed and was able to use them most effectively.

But by the time Felicity entered the series, Oliver seemed to have lost all hacking skills and computer knowledge. This was probably done to make Felicity seem even more important, but it’s still an oversight.

The Queen’s castle is famous

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One of the most fascinating facts behind the scenes arrow revolves around the Queen Mansion. Most prominently featured in the first 2 seasons, the Queen Mansion is a massive castle-like structure, complete with sprawling lawns, a grand staircase, and heavy tiled walls.

The mansion’s exterior scenes were filmed at Hatley Castle, which has been used in several other comic book franchises. It was featured as Lex Luthor’s palace in the series Smallville and most notably in the original 3 X-Men films, as well as in Dead poolsuch as Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

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