The Procon of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim guides you on shopping for Children’s Day

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Children’s Day is approaching, parents are already looking for the best gifts for their little ones. To help families in this process, the Procon de Cachoeiro de Itapemirim has issued some guidelines for consumers to make informed purchases and avoid problems.

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According to the executive coordinator of the agency, Fabian Pimentel, it is ideal to first of all do market research in search of the best gift and the lowest price.

“At this time of year, prices fluctuate a lot and so consumers can’t buy on impulse or get carried away with looks. In addition, price research, combined with common sense and consumer planning, is essential so that the family budget is not compromised,” he explains.

Another important tip, they state in Procon, is that when choosing a gift, they prefer cash payment. If buying for a certain period becomes the only option, consumers are advised to pay attention to interest rates, the number of installments and the total effective cost of the operation in order to avoid unnecessary costs.

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An effective tool for research and negotiating more favorable terms is competitor advertising: inserts, advertisements or flyers of other companies always help. Always ask for an invoice.

Pay attention to the main tips

Electronics: When purchasing a device, ask for a demonstration of the device’s operation at the point of purchase. Test the functions of the device and assess whether it meets the needs of your recipient. Defining the most suitable make and model for your home, given the current variety on sale, is not easy. Along with beauty, take care of available space, device usage and technical support network.

Ask the seller for a demonstration. Check if the voltage is compatible (110 or 220 V) and give preference to the most economical products marked with the PROCL seal.

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Mobile phone: the device must always be purchased from authorized stores. This guarantees origin and qualification. The product must be sealed, and inside the original packaging there must be an authorized technical assistance network, instructions for use and contractual warranty period.

Computers and laptops: When buying a computer, it is advisable to find out about the brands, models, components and programs used. You can do this by consulting trusted experts in the IT field or specialized magazines and websites. It is important to evaluate the use that will be given to the machine, because often the features of more advanced and more expensive models are not necessary for the use (informal, domestic) that will be given to the product.

Gift card: When in doubt about what to buy, some people opt for a gift card. It is important to define with the merchant and indicate on the invoice how any difference in value between the gift card and the actual purchase of the product will be refunded. The institution is obliged to return the difference in currency, in exchange or for the purpose of supplementing the value for the purchase of another product.

Define and note in writing what the gift card consists of (item type, size, color, brand, etc.), whether there is an expiration date and, if applicable, whether it is valid at all network stores.

Toys: When giving children toys, it is important to be especially careful. Toys are certified products, i.e. in order to be placed on the market they need a certification identification mark, the mark of Inmetra – the National Metrology Institute, which guarantees citizens the certainty that these products have passed a series of tests in laboratories to ensure conformity and quality. material used in the production of parts.

Exchanges and defects: In this case, traders are not obliged to exchange products, unless this situation was foreseen by the trader at the time of purchase and is stated in the document.

Therefore, in order for the consumer to request a replacement of the product, it is necessary to ask the trader if the replacement is possible, and if so, he requires that this information be provided on a document such as an invoice, bill, etc.

The consumer can also request a replacement of the product if it has a defect. In this case, the Consumer Protection Act establishes a deadline of 30 days for solving the problem. If the problem is not solved within the specified period, the consumer can demand the replacement of the product, the refund of the amount paid or a proportional reduction in the price.

In the case of purchases outside the commercial premises (by phone, at home, telemarketing, internet), Procon informs that the consumer can request the cancellation of the purchase within seven days from the date of conclusion of the contract or receipt of the product.

online shopping

  • Look for a reference on the site you intend to hire;
  • Record information to identify and locate the supplier’s headquarters;
  • Never fail to print or save all documents confirming the relationship between the consumer and the supplier;
  • Upon delivery, check whether the product corresponds to the offer; immediately perform a product performance test and check if it has the expected quality and characteristics. Any irregularity, do not receive or receive and immediately communicate the fact to the supplier;
  • If the delivered product is different from the one offered by the supplier, you can demand what was promised to you;
  • Confirm the selling company’s CNPJ: access the Federal Revenue website and check that the company’s registration status is active;
  • Confirm the physical address of the company. If a business refuses or says it’s just a virtual store and doesn’t have a physical address, be suspicious because businesses aren’t allowed to do that.

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