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Discord is a group chat app with support for text, voice, and video. With free downloads available for PC (Windows, Mac and Linux) and Android and iPhone (iOS) mobile devices, the platform has become a very popular option for chatting between friends or larger communities, especially among gamers. This is especially true due to the large amount of customizable settings that Messenger offers.

On the other hand, the same attraction can become a headache for some users – especially those who use less powerful machines. Having that on mind, TechTudo picked out six tips that can make Discord easier and launch the program more fluid. Check it out below:

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1. Disable hardware acceleration

Although the purpose of the feature is to optimize the program’s performance, disabling hardware acceleration can make Discord run faster on your computer. This feature allows the software to make intensive use of the computer’s GPU, but it’s worth noting: this measure can backfire on computers with weaker processors or older components, leaving the application slow and frozen. Therefore, disabling the function makes the program lighter and, consequently, easier to run.

Disabling hardware acceleration makes the program lighter and, consequently, easier to run — Photo: Reprodukcija/Nalu Dias

To disable hardware acceleration, simply access the user settings located on the gear next to the audio options. Next, you need to select the “Advanced” option in the side menu and disable hardware acceleration.

2. Disable audio processing functions

Like hardware acceleration, audio processing options are also part of a group of features that can make Discord more difficult. So an alternative for faster software is to disable some advanced voice settings.

Some advanced features of Discord can make the application more bulky, and audio processing options are part of this group — Photo: Reproduction/Nalu Dias

As in the above process, you need to access the user settings and go to the “Voice and Video” option in the side menu. In it, it is possible to observe a number of functions related to voice processing, and to deactivate them, simply deselect the selectors on the right.

3. Update your computer’s drivers

Over time, it’s common for computer drivers to become outdated and some functions to slow down. That’s because when some video drivers, Wi-Fi, or even other components and peripherals start moving away from their latest version, they stop extracting maximum performance.

Updating drivers for a personal computer is a very simple task, which can be done manually, through the operating system itself, or automatically, through a driver updater — Photo: Reproduction/Nalu Dias

Updating drivers for a personal computer is a very simple task, which can be done manually, through the operating system itself. This can be done by accessing Control Panel and selecting Device Manager on your computer, or automatically using a driver update program.

4. Use more CPU cores

By default, most computers do not use all of their processor cores, and changing this setting can increase machine performance. TechTudo has already taught you step by step this process, which is very simple and can be done in minutes. To do this, simply access the “System Configuration” section of your computer, select the “System Startup” tab, click on “Advanced Options” and uncheck the “Number of processors” box. After performing the steps just click the “OK” button and then “Apply”.

With the configuration, your operating system will be configured to use all CPU cores from the next reboot, making the computer more powerful and, consequently, Discord running better.

By default, most computers don’t use all of their processor cores, and changing this setting can improve machine performance — Photo: Reproduction/Nalu Dias

5. Adjust the graphics settings

Another way to optimize Discord’s performance is to direct part of the GPU’s performance towards program execution. For this, it is necessary to configure the graphics settings in order to give priority to the operation of the software. See step by step:

Part 1. Press Windows key + I to open system settings, then access display settings;

Access the “Display” category in System Preferences — Photo: Playback/Nalu Dias

Part 2. Go to the related settings and open the “Graphics” section;

The “Graphic Elements” section is at the bottom of the page — Photo: Reproduction/Nalu Dias

Part 3. Under “Custom App Options”, click the “Browse” button, find Discord and add it to the list;

To make it easier to find the Discord app, just search for the program name in the search bar — Photo: Reprodukcija/Nalu Dias

Part 4. Press the “Options” button and enable the “High Performance” option. Finally, just save the change.

Enabling Discord’s high performance will force the GPU to devote more to running the application — Photo: Reprodukcija/Nalu Dias

Often the problems you face when using a program on your computer can be solved in a simple and effective way: by reinstalling the application. By deleting the platform and reinstalling it on the computer, the user ensures the use of the latest and optimized version of the software, which can correct errors and bugs that hindered its performance. To do this, the first step is to uninstall Discord from your computer. Then just go to the official Discord website, download the app again, run the file and follow the instructions given.

To install, just access the official Discord website, download the app, run the file and follow the given instructions — Photo: Reproduction/Nalu Dias

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