SBT, Record and TV Cultura suffer a hacker attack

THE Record TV suffered a hacker attack and had to stop broadcasting live shows, airing recorded shows to resolve the situation. The program has even been replaced in Minas Gerais, São Paulo and the Federal District.

SBT and TV Cultura were also victims of the hacker attack. It is still unclear whether the action was coordinated, but it is known that it was a ransomware attack, a type of virus that hijacks computers and systems.

According to reports, the Record collection, which contains recordings of the program, was hijacked by hackers who have not yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

Some reports on Twitter indicate that users are unable to access videos on the broadcaster’s app.

The first information about the attack was published by a journalist Cada Safnerfrom the pages of Metropolis.

“Record TV has just suffered a possible hacker attack and there is a risk of losing the entire file system. Employees can’t even work live. Today they are fired from their jobs. The situation is desperate.” Safner said.

SBT and TV culture

SBT and TV Cultura were also victims of a ransomware attack this Saturday afternoon (8) and some operations were halted. The television companies did not comment on the issue.

According to reports, the attack on TV Record was aimed at the company’s internal network, affecting telephone services, e-mail and transmission of local TV stations.

According to Felipe Payão of the website TecMundo, Record was the victim of a ransomware as a service called black catwhich hackers sell to criminals who attack companies.

Reporter Cadu Safner also claimed that the attack resulted in the data breach of all employees and that the broadcaster is at risk of stopping the live broadcast at any time.

“The operating system continues to have serious problems and the broadcaster [Record] there is a risk of going offline at any time. “The recording of communication is silent.”

“The personal data of all employees was accessed. The operating system continues to have serious problems and the broadcaster is at risk of being shut down again at any moment. “The recording of communication is silent.”

black cat

Record, SBT and TV Cultura are just some of a growing list of companies, schools, governments, hospitals and other institutions facing ransom demands from hackers who use a virus to encrypt data on their computer systems, rendering them unusable. .

As is common with this type of attack, the hackers are expected to demand a ransom to free the system and files. So, It is also common for the order to be placed in cryptocurrencies.

The BlackCat ransomware used to attack TV Record has followed a consistent pattern over the past few months: hackers break into corporate networks by exploiting vulnerabilities in unpatched or outdated firewalls/VPN devices, then break into internal systems.

The group takes an aggressive approach to shaming its victims, listing company data on a leak blog. Most of the victims are in the US, but the group and its affiliates also target organizations in Brazil, Europe and the Philippines.

Victims include organizations in construction, engineering, retail, transportation, business services, insurance, telecommunicationsautomotive components and pharmaceutical products.

The group is also known for its craftsmanship triple extortion, in which after data theft society, the victim is threatened leaks and with the threat of a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) if the requirements are not met.

Blackcat triple blackmail

In the event that you are targeted by the group, broadcasters or any other victim should think twice before paying the ransom, as there are no guarantees that data will not be leaked in the future.

So far, no station has commented on the attack.

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