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Elizabeth Nader

Ceremonial handing over of computers and tablets to the Secretary of Education.

Elizabeth Nader

Ceremonial handover of computers and tablets to the Department of Education
Ceremonial handing over of computers and tablets to the Secretary of Education.

The investment in technology for the municipal education network of Vitoria deserves to be highlighted. Providing better working conditions for educational professionals and more learning resources for more than 43,000 children and students, the City of Vitória, through the Department of Education (seed), delivers 3,000 new desktop computers, which will be installed in 103 teaching units, in IT laboratories and administrative departments, with a total investment value of R$ 15,701,550.00.

The new machines are part of Conecta VIX, a technology investment package totaling close to R$70 million, incl pills with internet, notebooks with the Internet and TiX Letramento platforms. The symbolic presentation ceremony was held this Friday (29th) in the hall of St PMVin the presence of Education Secretary Juliana Rohsner and other authorities.

“Another day of celebration for the education of Vitoria. The schools had outdated equipment, the last computers were bought in 2012. Therefore, we have always given priority to replacing this equipment with modern devices that meet the needs of our students, children and education. It is more than delivering computers, it is about delivering better working conditions that will surely make the teaching and learning process even more attractive and modern”, said the secretary.

The computers will be installed from the first week of August, according to the schedule determined by the Administration seed, scheduled for completion between September and October. The equipment in teaching units arrives with an INTEL CORE I3 (10th generation) processor; 8 GB of RAM; SSD memory 240GB; Windows 10 PRO; Monitor LCD of 22″.

The purchase of 3,000 computers is part of the Vitória plan, with investments of R$ 1 billion, until 2024, launched last September by Mayor Lorenzo Pazolini. The Vitória Plan is the result of the fiscal and financial adjustment carried out by the current administration and foresees actions in education, health, infrastructure, mobility, urbanization, housing, sports and cultural facilities and technology.

The right to study

Principal Suelen Biazi, in charge of the City School for Elementary Education (emef) Father Anchieta, located in the Ilha de Santa Maria district, gave a speech of thanks on behalf of the director 54. emefs Vitória’s public network.

“For years, we were left with unsafe equipment that did not serve our students and professionals. I am sure that these new devices will make a big difference in our work, and guarantee a high-quality teaching and learning process, which is always our focus. In schools, I also thank you for all the investments in the infrastructure of our schools, we are making excellent progress,” he said.

Tablet delivery

Direct connection with the world, the open horizon of the future in the palm of your hand. The use of tablets in education is an innovation that comes for the purpose of improving teaching and learning methods. In addition to computers, the ceremony also included the symbolic handing over of tablets with internet for early education.

Each of the 49 municipal centers for early education (hmm) will receive 50 tablets with internet to be used in pedagogical activities in teaching units, such as gamified activities, experimenting with the sounds of letters, animals and other sounds of nature, experiencing geographical spaces and locations and other possibilities.

to the director hmm Valdivia da Penha Antunes Rodrigues, Patrícia Loureiro, the delivery represents a great victory for the school community of the teaching unit located in the neighborhood of Santos Dumont.

“I talked to the children that I will come here today to receive the tablets and they were super excited and happy, they can’t wait to use the devices in our school. This delivery represents the arrival of technology, and the seriousness and quality of the work that has been done and that brings dignity and equality to the children of our community”, he says.

In municipal primary schools (emef), with the amount of equipment available for use by students from 1 to 4 years with pedagogical activities in classrooms, students from 5 to 9 years of primary school and youth and adult education (EYE) are given tablets with internet in teaching units in Vitoria. There are 15,249 students who will be able to take tablets home, expanding the use of technology in the educational processes of municipal schools.

The delivery of 29,000 tablets began in the Municipal Primary School (emef) Maria José Costa Moraes, in São José, in Greater São Pedro.

The investment in the purchase of a tablet with internet is R$ 25,598,700. Every student from year 5 receives a tablet equipped with a mask, protective film, USB cable, charger, earphones and already installed chip for mobile data (6Gb).

investments in technology

In addition to microcomputers, seed it also issued 4,750 notebooks for use by professionals in teaching units; 29 thousand tablets with internet for use by students; and purchased 54 Tix Letramento platforms to serve special education students.

The TiX Letramento platforms, an investment of BRL 2,319,570, are now available and network experts are in the training phase to use this resource with students. The laptops, an investment of R$23,297,099.65, are expected to arrive by the end of the second half of the year.

Elizabeth Nader

Lecture by Gina Strozzi during the handover ceremony of computers and tablets to SEME
Lecture by Gina Strozzi during the ceremony of handing over computers and tablets to the Minister of Education.

Elizabeth Nader

Ceremonial handover of computers and tablets to the Department of Education
Ceremonial handing over of computers and tablets to the Secretary of Education.

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