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The research he conducted NielsenIQ Ebit showed that in 2021, Brazilian e-commerce grew by about 27% and achieved sales of about R$ 182.7 billion. Due to this scenario, virtual stores become targets of cybercriminals, especially on commemorative dates such as Black Friday, which usually generate large amounts of online sales. In 2021, the date moved R$ 4 billion in Brazil.

Businesses in the digital environment are constant targets of cybercriminals who want to collect customer data. “A complex and distributed retail structure attracts malicious users, who can use vulnerabilities to attack systems. Data theft and paralysis of sales operations are some of the consequences of cyber attacks,” explains Bruno Telles, COO of BugHunt, the Brazilian platform of Bug Bounty, a bug bounty program.

Protecting data on dates like Black Friday also depends on who is working directly with the data, i.e. the team

According to the CEO, computers, cell phones and even Internet of Things (IoT)-connected devices act as gateways for hackers, so it’s important for companies to proactively think about Internet security.

“Data collection is critical for e-commerce, especially during times of mass access like Black Friday. The LGPD, combined with effective information security practices, guarantees respect for the privacy of Internet users and protects companies from violations,” he emphasizes.

Thinking about warning against the risk of cyberattacks during this period and presenting solutions for entrepreneurs to protect themselves, the BugHunt expert listed below five essential tips for e-commerce digital security. Check:

team consciousness
Protecting data on dates like Black Friday also depends on who is working directly with the data, i.e. the team.

It is important to clarify that with mass access, the rate of cyberattacks increases significantly, reaching an increase of 30%. Months before the celebration, it is recommended to plan workshops, lectures and trainings that prepare the team, from technical support for e-commerce, to digital service channels and monitoring social networks, ensuring the proper handling of collected data.

Data management and protection
Conducting an assessment that ensures data quality and protection is critical to preventing cyberattacks. For this, it is necessary to have a management policy, guidelines and processes that ensure the highest precision in data handling and risk mitigation.

In order to process the Data more efficiently and to update and correct the records, it is necessary to assess which Data the company uses; where exactly this data is stored; and who has access. After these measures, an impact and risk review can be carried out and control measures that can be implemented to reduce damage can be confirmed.

Encryption in data protection
Encrypting Data before the anniversary is a safe and common method in the field of protection of stored Personal Data, which reduces the chances of violations and fines that may be imposed by law.

Frequent system updates and backups
Periodic checks of the system, their updating and the application of various audits and analyzes are very necessary. Therefore, revealing something that can put companies and their data at risk.

Another important topic for all security is to have an up-to-date cloud backup. This can be the key to saving the company from possible incidents. In addition to a hijacking scenario, where it would not be necessary to pay a ransom for information from your databases, it makes it easier to identify lost/leaked data, it does not take as long to know the severity of the breach, which allows employment to respond quickly.

Investing in Bug Bounty
In full growth in the digital market, Bug Bounty is a very effective practice. Based on the reward program, information security experts have authorized access to partner company’s systems and networks in search of possible flaws and vulnerabilities that facilitate the activities of cybercriminals.

“When any threat is detected, a report is compiled and submitted to the company. This eases the way for the development of methods that eliminate these errors,” concludes Telles.

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