Meet Bela do Céa, the “genital influencer” and CEO of a sex toy brand

“Beeela from heaven”: this was the introduction to the messages that Isabela Cerqueira received from customers who bought sex toys and gave feedback about incredible orgasms, improved relationships and confidence, and even first orgasms and syringe. Besides being the reason for the nickname, it’s what motivates the 27-year-old businesswoman, who left CLT to become CEO of sexual wellness brand Good Vibres.

She graduated in production engineering, and by 2020, the young woman was working in a multinational company. With the pandemic, she decided to try something new and her own with one of the topics she always liked to discuss among her friends: sexuality. Karioka opened the page to talk to her followers about the topic. Today, she is a graduate student in sexuality and runs a company with eight employees, and the stock of vibrators sold out in record time.

Earning much more than when she had an official contract, Bela still has the return that motivates her the most every day: changing the sex lives of thousands of women. On Instagram, the Good Vibres profile has 94,300 followers and “xxters” – the nickname of super engaged and loyal customers.

THE little shame spoke with the CEO about entrepreneurship, being a woman on the erotic market and the taboos that segment still faces in society. Check:

How did your interest in sexuality begin? Growing up, were you always open to talking about the subject and did you approach it naturally?

I have always been very curious, and it would be no different with my sexuality. I wanted to understand my body, how it functions, because it is our home for the rest of our lives. In these investigations of self-knowledge, I found the clitoris and its 8 thousand nerve endings. I remember that I experienced the feeling of orgasm at a very young age, but the classic “hands off, girl” reproached me, which hinders the development of healthy sexuality in women. My family wasn’t very open and we didn’t talk about it much.

However, curiosity led me to want to know more, to enjoy talking about sex. I considered this to be something natural, however, when I brought up the topic in conversation with friends, I realized that this is not the reality for most people.

When did you have the impulse to start a sex toy company and Good Vibres was born?

The difficulties in talking about sex with my friends showed me the criticality of the taboo surrounding the subject, a reflection of generations of women who were not taught to enjoy orgasm, starting with sexuality, but also thinking about several other aspects of life. Why not change this scenario?

How did the company come about?

Good Vibres was born out of a desire to help people experience their sexuality in a healthier and happier way. When the pandemic came, I was still working in a multinational company, but I always wanted to take action and leave a bigger legacy to society. Fortunately, I was born with privileges, the result of the work of generations of women in my family, and I felt obliged to share them with others.

The sexual aspect was a lot of pain and could help. In May 2020, I created @xxt.pwr, an Instagram page to talk about sexuality in an open way, expanding the circle of conversation with my friends for everyone who wants to hear and talk about sex without taboos.

How did the site grow?

The site grew much faster than I imagined. I have repeatedly expressed my passion for sex toys and how crucial they were in my process of sexual self-discovery. Because of this, many people began to seek advice on erotic articles for this purpose. However, it was difficult to find quality, affordable products aimed at personal satisfaction on the market. Then I saw an opportunity to turn that passion into a company. In October of that year, I quit my job at CLT and opened Good Vibres in the back room of my house.

Since then, what are the main changes and evolutions you’ve noticed in the brand?

Good Vibres is two years old. Since then, I’ve managed to transform a company that started with just me in the back room of my house into a company with eight employees, working in a super comfortable and inspiring office. We’ve already moved twice in this time to support the growth of Good Vibres and every time I think about this trajectory, I get emotional.

In 2022, we have more than doubled our income from the previous year to date. I received recognition for my work as a businesswoman when I was invited to become a member of the Business Council for Electronic Commerce and Retail of the Trade Association of Rio de Janeiro (ACRJ). Being able to contribute to the creation of jobs and become the executive director of an institution with 212 years of tradition was a turning point in my career as an entrepreneur.

We help thousands of people face their sexuality in a healthier and more positive way. We receive reports daily from people who experienced their first orgasm with our products, others thank you for bringing up the subject with such ease and courage.

Is customer feedback good? Does it help motivate you to continue?

it is great! This is what motivates us the most, knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of so many women. Our followers usually talk to us as if we were friends, it’s an exchange and it’s very aggregating. Interesting fact: many reports started with the phrase “Beautiful from the sky, …”, expressing their happiness by talking about their experience with the product. Over time, the term Bela do Céu became popular among xxters and I accepted a new name for everything. Right now I’m listening to Bela do Cé more than Isabel Cerqueira, she’s crazy but I love her!

What tools do you use today to go deeper into the topic and bring more and more quality and foundation to your brand?

In addition to getting as much information as possible in the media, I am studying a subject in my graduate studies, which will soon become a sexologist. As an engineer by training, I felt the need to complete my training in order to better serve clients who see me as a reference in this matter. Talking about sexuality is something that requires a lot of responsibility. Often people only open up to us, so we have to have quality content and information to serve them in the best way.

What are the biggest difficulties you face, both in the challenges of entrepreneurship and in the fact that you are a woman and speak so openly about something that, unfortunately, is still taboo?

Being a woman and deciding to enter the erotic market requires courage and resilience to face the patriarchal world you are playing against. One of the biggest differences of Good Vibres is its humanization, because at the head of the brand is a person who exposes himself on the Internet to speak openly and naturally about sexuality.

The beginning was very difficult, because talking about such a sensitive topic unfortunately still means hearing a lot of criticism and insults. Many people were embarrassed to open a conversation about a topic that, in my opinion, has always been taken for granted. Nevertheless, I continued with the idea that I cannot talk about sex without taboos if I am ashamed or afraid to openly face the subject on social networks with my picture.

Another challenge is maintaining growth, given the censorship of social networks. The algorithm reflects the normalization of sexual objectification, on the other hand, it limits access to information about self-awareness and positive sexuality. Several contents are banned and deleted, and the fear of being banned from networks is a constant for everyone who works in the field on the Internet. All marketing must be organic and we cannot use the paid leverage tools used by the general market. In order to cope with limitations, we must challenge ourselves daily to create ideas outside the box.

Marketing is hard, harassment is constant, and living with judgment is routine. Nevertheless, the motivation to be able to help thousands of people across Brazil is well worth the challenge of doing business in this market.

I know it must be hard as a “mother”, but is there a product or toy that is your favorite, favorite and most recommended?

Pig, clitoris sucker. Not only is our lovely salesperson a great entry point, he’s the one who inspired me to start selling sexual health products. The first time I used it I was shocked by the existence of something that makes me come in 3 minutes and intensely. The love was so much that I wanted to share it with the world and even got a tattoo in his honor!

You recently launched a new video segment on the YouTube channel. When did you realize the need to join another social network?

As our Instagram community grew, the exchange with our followers became bigger and bigger. We have close communication, many questions and common topics arise between them. Many of them are not open in close relationships to openly talk about sexuality because of the taboos that surround them. With this, we decided to bring even more information to as many people as possible in order to gradually break these taboos around sexuality.

On the video platform, what types of content will the brand accept?

Guides, product videos, relationships, sexuality, intimate health and female pleasure. We will bring guests who will help us delve into some topics, while maintaining our lightness and relaxation in communication.

Aside from the channel, what are the next steps for Good Vibres? Are there any new products or projects? Can you give spoilers?

We are working on two important launches for the first quarter of 2023. Additionally, in September we launched our first proprietary product, Sense Lube. The plan for next year is to invest more and more in increasing our own product line, under the Good Vibres brand.

Finally, what advice do you have for women who, like you, want to get into the sexual wellness business and don’t start projects out of insecurity or fear of judgment?

For me, the biggest motivation to overcome insecurity and judgment is to believe in the purpose of my work. Every time I interact with our followers and clients and see how much Good Vibes is contributing to people’s lives and helping them rediscover their sexuality, I am renewed. Knowing that my work, in some way, helped a man to enjoy himself for the first time, to improve his relationship, to see his body in a more positive way, any kind of insecurity and judgment seems to be very small.

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