Intel is talking about 13th generation and beyond

Intel was also present at Brasil Game Show 2022 and brought a full booth with new products, gaming laptops and more. We had the chance to interview Carlos Buarque, the brand’s marketing director here in Brazil, who revealed some of the company’s interesting plans in the country.

See what was happening at the booth, Intel’s plans and more:

Intel at BGS 2022

Multiversus is one of several games available at the booth (Reproduction: Victor Pacheco)

At its official booth, Intel brought various laptops, desktops and mini desktops with 12th generation processors with latest generation games for the public to experience high performance gaming. Among those available, it is possible to play titles such as Cyberpunk 2077, MultiVersus, Phobia – St. Dinfna Hotel, Formula 1 2022 and newly released supervise 2.

It was also possible to see Intel’s first dedicated graphics card, the ARC A380, an input card with average performance for running a wide variety of games. The ARC A380 is now available in Brazil from ASRock; Carlos Buarque believes that within a month we will have more options than other manufacturers in retail, but there is still no fixed price.

fans CS:GO they will also be able to go to the Intel booth to meet and see up close Kami, Dark and chewing gumswho will be present in the Meet and Greet area on the fair days.

Intel Arc-A380 is Intel's first dedicated graphics card
Intel ARC-A380 is Intel’s first dedicated graphics card (Reproduction: Victor Pacheco)

Unfortunately, the 13th generation processors are not available at the show, but we can confirm that Intel plans to launch the K series later this year! The launch will first take place with single processors for enthusiasts, and in 2023 with PCs and laptops for gamers, casual and corporate markets.

Interestingly, Intel’s 13th generation processors are the second iteration of hybrid architecture processors, which come with several gaming-specific performance cores and efficient cores that help you get the most out of other tasks on your computer.

“Recycle PC” project

Learn more about Intel's PC Recycle Project
Learn more about Intel’s PC Project Recicla (Reproduction: Victor Pacheco)

The emphasis is on the top of the new “Recicla PC” project, created here in Brazil in 2021 by Intel with the aim of reducing electronic waste and providing discounts for those who want to change computers. Intel’s director of marketing in Brazil, Carlos Buarque, had this to say about this project with huge potential:

The idea is based on what already exists in the mobile phone market, where a person hands in an old mobile phone for a discount when buying a new one, and disposes of the old mobile phone appropriately. The idea was to make this for PCs in a way that partners could join this initiative (…)

A person whose computer is stopped at home can give this computer, which will have a correct destination, for reuse or proper recycling, and obtains credit depending on the configuration of the old computer.

Carlos Buarque, Marketing Director at Intel Brazil

The interesting thing about the “Recycle PC” project is that there is no exclusivity on the processor brand on the machine that is handed over for recycling! That is, even a computer with an AMD processor is eligible for the program, giving more freedom to anyone to get discounts.

It’s important to note that the discounts can only be used on the program’s partner brands, which currently include Samsung, Acer, Avell and Fujioka. For more information about the program and to evaluate the old machine in your home, visit the company’s official website Recycle your PC.

What to expect from Intel in 2023?

13th generation processors are the main bet for 2023
13th generation processors are the main stake for 2023. (Reproduction: Victor Pacheco)

With the launch of 13th generation processors and dedicated video cards such as ARC A380, ARC A580 and ARC A780Intel is already planning to launch different CPU SKUs for 2023.

SKUs are basically variants of processors, each catering to the needs and wants of each different niche. The brand plans to launch more than 70 different SKUs, which include processors for thin and light laptops, desktops and gaming laptops.

With the 13th generation, Intel is also planning to launch a new brand of laptops called Evo, which basically means which computers are thin, light, portable and have good performance. Intel believes that Evo brand computers will meet the needs of people who are always on the go and need portability no matter where they are.

These were the main news from Intel presented during the Brasil Game Show 2022! So, did you like something? Tell us in the comments.

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