Curitiba – Robô Robios welcomes the new class of 1st Empregotech

The first Empregotech, a city hall program offering free basic computer programming courses, is back. The inaugural class of the third group of the program was held on Thursday evening (June 10) at Positivo University, and gathered half of the 450 young people who will participate in the class.

Robios, the first Brazilian robot designed by Human Robotics of Curitiba to interact autonomously and independently with humans, greeted the group.

Through the video, Mayor Rafael Greca spoke of his pride that another group is participating in the program. “To you who are no longer curitibinhas and are becoming young women and men, citizens who want to have their first technology job, I offer the heart of my mayor,” he said.

Greca also asked that the new participants of the program devote themselves to the course, which is how the City Hall found the qualifications of young people in the field of technology.

“Innovation is only valid when it becomes a social process, of which you are a part. You are our pride because you are learning and now you will progress into new occupations related to technology”, the mayor pointed out.

Finally, the mayor pointed out that people are what they learn, and therefore he encouraged young people to read, learn, innovate and dare, but above all to persevere.


Aligned with Vale do Pinhão, the innovation ecosystem of the municipality of Curitiba, the first Empregotech was launched in 2020 and appeared to meet the needs of trained professionals in the field of information and communication technology in the capital.

The goal of the program is to increase the employability of teenagers and young people, to discover talents, while providing the opportunity to access the first job, preferably as an intern.

Coordinated by the Foundation for Social Action (FAS) and the Agency for Development and Innovation from Curitiba, the program offered 600 training places in the first two years.


FAS President Maria Alice Erthal thanked everyone involved in the program and encouraged the youth to take advantage of the opportunity.

“I’m a social worker and from a time when we didn’t have technology, so it’s a great pleasure for me to see this important program, capable of transforming the lives of each of you,” he said.

Cris Alessi, president of the Curitiba Development Agency, pointed out that programs such as 1st Empregotech are the result of joint work that brings together public management, universities and companies. “When we talk about technology and possibilities, we mean what we are building together in our city, putting Curitiba at the top of the list of the smartest and most connected cities in Brazil,” he said.

online classes

1. Empregotech gathers teenagers and young people from 16 to 29 years old who are attending or have already finished high school, preferably in public institutions. They will have online classes for a total of 78 hours until December 4.

In the class are Leonardo Nicolini, 21, his brother Luca, 16, and cousin Nathaly de Lima, 16, who went to the inaugural class together.

“My grandfather, who works in technology in Australia, heard about the course and told us to come,” Leonardo said.

The owner of a digital content production company, Leonardo wants to use what he will learn to improve the company and promote street sports, a sport in which practitioners perform maneuvers using only one bicycle wheel.


The first Empregotech is supported by Digital Innovation One, Prime Control, Human Robotics, HOTMILK, the Innovation Ecosystem of the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (PUCPR), Positivo University and the Curitiba City Hall Fab Lab.

During the inaugural class, the Community and Ecosystem Manager at Digital Innovation One, Victor Haruo Nitatori Rodrigues Lourenço, guided the students on accessing the course platform, and the CEO of Prime Control, Everton, Arantes spoke about entering the labor market of young people trained in 1. Empregotech .

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