Procon Santo André conducts price research for Children’s Day purchases

The Consumer Protection Agency examined 70 items in e-commerce and found a price difference of up to 270% (Photo: Alex Cavanha/PSA)

With the arrival of Children’s Day (October 12), a date that promises to move the trade in the first half of October, the focus is on research. In the case of e-commerce, Procon Santo André collected prices for 70 items, taking into account the lowest cash value, without adding freight and other costs, and the three largest differences found were 270.57% in the puzzle of 118.13% in card game and 109.56% in the educational game. The research was conducted from September 19 to 22.

The initiative aims to encourage consumers to research prices, while offering reference through the obtained average prices. It should be noted that among the products investigated by Procon are traditional toys and products that encourage children’s creativity and enable group activities.

“It is necessary to assess the conditions of delivery, such as freight or displacement, payment for parking, as well as the method of payment. Since the observed price variations refer to the days on which the survey was conducted, the current prices may be different, as they are subject to change, depending on the date of purchase, including on the occasion of discounts, offers and promotions.” , points out the director of Procon Santo André, Doroti Gomes Cavalini.

The date, which is celebrated on October 12, is also seen as an opportunity for parents and guardians to teach children to consume conscientiously and responsibly. “It is important that the child knows the family budget and that parents and guardians limit the amounts they can spend without jeopardizing the family budget,” emphasizes Doroti.

Toys must contain clear, precise and appropriate information on price, characteristics, quality, quantity, origin, composition, warranty, manufacturer identification, Inmetra security seal and age group mark. If the toy poses any risk, such as containing small parts that can be swallowed by children, the information must also be on the product, which must also include instructions for use, handling, which parts make up the product and an indication of the age range.

Online shopping

In the case of online purchases, it is important to check the supplier, whether he has CNPJ, physical address, phone number, price inquiry, offer, payment methods, delivery time, product warranty, delivery and exchange policy. “Check that the site is secure by looking for the ‘lock’ symbol in the address bar. Also search on social networks and the website of Procon SP to confirm if the address is reliable or if you have any complaints”, concludes the director of Procon Santo André, Doroti Gomes Cavalini.

Payment Methods

If possible, it is ideal to opt for a cash payment to avoid installments with interest that could strain the budget in the future. Consumers should research pricing based on their preferred payment method as the amount may vary for payment by receipt, credit card, merchant card and Pix, depending on discounts or interest on installments.

Another suggestion is to encourage giving away an old toy every time a child gets a new one, buying products according to the recommended age group, and buying items that encourage socialization and creativity.

Adopting healthy habits is also among Procon Santo André’s advice. The proposal is to limit children’s time on television, smartphones, tablets and the Internet. Encouraging reading habits and enabling moments outdoors, such as taking the child for a walk in places where he has contact with nature. “Santo André offers activities in parks, squares and bike paths for sports and recreational activities for the whole family,” suggests Doroti.

Procon Santo André

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