IBM announces a $20 billion investment in New York’s Hudson Valley region

This Thursday (6/10), US President Joe Biden and IBM President and CEO Arvind Krishna will visit IBM’s Poughkeepsie, New York site to see firsthand where the future of computing is being innovated, designed and manufactured. During the visit, IBM will announce a $20 billion investment plan in the Hudson Valley region over the next 10 years. The purpose of the investment, which will be strengthened by close cooperation with New York State, is to expand the technology ecosystem in New York to unlock new discoveries and opportunities in semiconductors, computing, hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence and quantum computing. .

IBM has long been headquartered in New York State (Armonk) and its operations support more than 7,500 jobs throughout the Hudson Valley. This region has been a center of innovation and manufacturing for decades. From Westchester County to Poughkeepsie and Albany, IBMers are pushing the boundaries of computing and helping clients embrace digital transformation.

Today’s announcement from IBM builds on and expands on these investments in the future of American innovation and will drive economic growth and job opportunities for people of all backgrounds.

“IBM is deeply honored to welcome President Biden to our site in Poughkeepsie today, and we look forward to highlighting our commitment to the innovation that drives the American economy,” said Arvind Krishna. “As we face major technological challenges in climate, energy, transportation and more, we must continue to invest in innovation and discovery – because advanced technologies are critical to solving these problems and fostering economic prosperity, including better jobs, for millions of Americans. ” he added.

President Biden’s visit to the IBM Poughkeepsie site highlights the CHIPS and Science Act’s unique opportunity to promote American innovation and manufacturing. The technology that IBM is offering today from Poughkeepsie will directly benefit from the CHIPS and Science Act that the President recently signed into law. It will ensure a reliable and secure supply of next-generation chips for today’s computers and AI platforms, as well as fuel the future of quantum computing, accelerating research, expanding the quantum supply chain and providing more opportunities for researchers to explore the business. and science. applications of quantum systems.

IBM’s Poughkeepsie website helped the country embrace the transformative power of technology in 1941, from the manufacture of weapons during World War II to the development and construction of the next generation of mainframe computers. In Poughkeepsie, IBM makes the cutting-edge mainframes that power the global economy. The site is also home to IBM’s first Quantum Computation Center – where a large number of real quantum computers are running in the cloud. IBM’s vision is for Poughkeepsie to become the company’s global quantum computing development center, just as it is today for mainframe computers.

The future of semiconductor technologies is also being created in the Hudson Valley, from Yorktown Heights to Albany and beyond. In Albany, the unique public-private semiconductor ecosystem is where IBM last year announced the first 2-nanometer (nm) chip technology, one of the biggest advances in the semiconductor industry in a decade. An expansion of Albany’s collaborative innovation model could be the foundation for the National Semiconductor Technology Center (NSTC) to be implemented as part of the CHIPS and Science Act.

Today’s announcement from IBM builds on and expands on these investments in the future of American innovation and will drive economic growth and employment opportunities for people of all backgrounds who will work with cutting-edge systems and accelerate the pace of discovery across the Hudson Valley.


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