For Samsung, sustainability program attracts investment – 10/06/2022 – 2022

Samsung is one of the latest powerhouses on the Leaf Top of Mind. After winning five awards in 2019, the South Korean manufacturer won seven categories in Datafolh’s 2021 survey, including Top of the Top, Trust, Performance, Innovation, TV Set, Smartphone & Tablet, and Computer & Notebook.

Part of this success is due, according to the company, to the centrality of the company’s products in the lives of Brazilians during the last two years of the pandemic. According to Anna Karina Pinto, corporate marketing director at Samsung, the brand gained visibility during the quarantine period, which increased the importance of devices such as mobile phones, TVs and computers.

The performance category of the Folha Top of Mind award, for example, is proof of this trend: from 2020 to 2021, Samsung grew by 28 percentage points in the Computer & Notebook category.

In addition, the company invests in sustainability projects, such as Re+, a global recycling program and a partnership with Royal DSM, which reuses discarded fishing nets in the production of the brand’s products.

For Karin, “the sustainability program has become one of the main topics of discussion with stakeholders, including the media, investors and consumers, and today it effectively contributes to attracting investment, employee engagement and brand reputation.”

Read below the interview with Anna Karina Pinto, director of corporate marketing at Samsung:

Samsung has been the biggest champion of Folha Top of Mind in two of the last three editions. What is the assessment of this history?

Anna Karina Pinto – It is an honor for Samsung to be recognized as a Top of Mind brand in Brazil. We believe that the people who build a brand’s reputation are people, from those who commit themselves daily to achieving the best results on the most diverse fronts of activity to those who believe in our values ​​and commitments.

How do Datafolh research results contribute to the company?

Providing a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of how the brand is perceived in different regions, in front of diverse audiences. We have maintained a valuable and unbreakable relationship with Brazilians for more than 35 years, which we consider an important part of the memory of this brand. We play a fundamental role in democratizing access to technologies in the country. Therefore, we strive to expand our portfolio with options that satisfy the most diverse consumer profiles. And this is only possible when we look at data and facts like Top of Mind.

How did Samsung expand its presence in the PC market?

Samsung is always on the lookout for behavioral changes. Since the beginning of the pandemic, mobile devices have been increasingly present in consumers’ lives, from longer and more frequent video calls to content consumption. In recent years, computers have become indispensable not only for work, but also for learning and entertainment, and are therefore increasingly present in Brazilian homes.

Samsung’s difference is that we promote a different experience for consumers with the Galaxy ecosystem, which enables connectivity between different devices. Sales are expected to continue to grow as the hybrid work model advances and face-to-face education returns.

Has the increased public perception of sustainability changed the company’s behavior and operations?

For Samsung, sustainability is linked to business vision, in terms of using human resources and technologies to positively impact society.

An example of an activity with this focus is Re+, Samsung’s global recycling program for free and environmentally sound disposal of electronics and household appliances of any brand. The initiative arrived in Brazil in 2017 and now, in the first half of 2022, it has achieved a growth of almost 190% in the number of collected items compared to the same period in 2021.

We have noticed that the sustainability agenda has become one of the main topics of discussion with stakeholders, including the media, investors and consumers, and today it effectively contributes to attracting investment, employee engagement and brand reputation.

What are the company’s sustainability goals?

Samsung has set an initial set of goals to be achieved by 2025 to reduce its environmental impact and reduce resource depletion, from manufacturing to product disposal. The company has committed to reducing the power consumption of stand-by chargers to 0.005 W; they use recycled material in their products; and eliminate all plastic in mobile phone packaging, reaching zero landfills by 2025.

In addition, aware of the fact that every year countless marine organisms die after becoming entangled in fishing nets discarded in the sea, Samsung decided to use this resource in the production of its devices. The company has partnered with Royal DSM to retrieve fishing nets from fishermen who collect them along the Indian Ocean coast. This partnership saves plastic that would otherwise be thrown into the ocean 50 km from the coast.

What are the forecasts for the technology market?

At Samsung, we see the arrival of 5G technology in Brazil as a very important moment for the local technology landscape and we play a key role in the progress of the network. The company has contributed to the development of industry standards, designed semiconductors, created 5G devices and installed network equipment around the world.

We’re also seeing a variety of technologies emerge that enhance the user experience, with consumers prioritizing devices that make everyday tasks easier. Mobility, performance and high performance will be increasingly indispensable characteristics. Today, people are looking for more sophisticated devices that fully meet their needs, especially since they live more and more indoors.

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