Children’s Day gift prices vary by up to 270% in Campinas

The values ​​of gifts for Children’s Day vary by up to 270% in Campinas, according to a survey carried out by the local Procon. The research analyzed six major companies – through the prices displayed in their e-commerce between September 19 and 22 – and identified that the biggest difference occurs in puzzle games. According to the Trade and Industry Association of Campinas (Acic), the average value of the gift will be R$ 152.00, and the increase in sales should reach 3.2% compared to last year.

For Procon research, the prices of 70 items were collected, taking into account the lowest cash value, without adding freight and other costs. The three largest differences found were 270% in the puzzle, 118% in the card game, and 109.5% in the educational game.

Among the products that Procon from Campinas researched, there are traditional toys and products that encourage children’s creativity and enable group activities.

Since the observed price variations refer to some days in September, the current prices may be different, as they are subject to change, depending on the date of purchase, including due to discounts offered, promotions and even increases due to the approach of Children’s Day. ..

Acić’s expectations are that sales for Children’s Day, October 12, will increase by 3.2 percent compared to last year. The average gift value should reach BRL 158.00, which is equivalent to an increase of 2.6% compared to BRL 154.00 in 2021.

E-commerce is expected to account for 15.5% of sales, recording revenues of R$146.7 million this year, up from R$127 million last year. The temporary workforce is projected to grow by 9% over 2021 employment in the region, with 1,385 in Campinas and 2,550 across the RMC.

According to ACIC’s economist Laerte Martins, these relatively positive numbers reflect the strength and importance the date represents for trade and consumers: “Despite the unfavorable conditions that inflation and the loss of purchasing power cause in the economy, consumers do not miss the honor of children,” he says.

For those looking, in store, for a date gift, the perception is that values ​​have risen. The mother of the twins, who are now 5 years old, Marllany Lima Ribeiro (33), decided to give the children a set of children’s clothes. As he has two children, both of the same age, he said he will pay much more than he expected. The purchase is motivated by the children themselves, who expect a gift for a date.

“I used my free time to buy presents for the children. I couldn’t search the values, but there’s nothing to escape. It’s not cheap, especially when you have more than one child. It’s a high price, but it follows a pattern,” he points out.

Aline Aparecida Silveira de Souza (35) guaranteed the first Children’s Day gift for little Ayla, seven months old. The option was a wheelchair so she could walk, which should accompany her daughter for many more years. “I decided on something durable, but I researched the cost. I am from Hortolândia and I found the best prices in Campinas. With this stroller he can ride a bike, walk… everything! I spent R$110.00, but it will be used for a long time,” he said.

According to Procon, toys with the Inmetro safety seal must have clear, precise and appropriate information on price, characteristics, quality, quantity, origin, composition, warranty, manufacturer identification.

If the toy poses any risk – for example, it contains small parts that children can swallow – this information must also be listed on the product, which must also include instructions for use, handling and the parts that make up the product.

The Procon team also lists other guidelines such as, for example, avoiding taking children shopping. If parents have no other option, they should talk to the child before leaving home and set a spending limit on the gift.

Another suggestion of the agency is to encourage giving away an old toy every time a child gets a new one, buying products according to the recommended age group, and buying products that encourage socialization and creativity.

Adopting healthy habits is also among Procon’s tips. The proposal is to limit the time that children spend on TV, smartphones, tablets and the Internet, encourage reading habits and provide moments outdoors, such as taking the child for a walk in places where he has contact with nature. The city of Campinas offers parks, squares and bike paths for sports and recreational activities for the family.

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