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Tércio José Cardoso da Silva, 62, has been attending a computer maintenance course at the Workers’ University (Uniten) in Sorocaba for two weeks. With the advancement of technology, he does not want to waste time and wants to know everything about the equipment that helps the population to access the virtual world. For him, the experience was enriching and full of learning. “Today, technology is taking over the world. I want to gain knowledge, learn and not stop,” says the retiree, who is preparing to return to the market.

Computer maintenance was the course that Tércio chose, but it is not the only one offered by this institution in the city. Uniten offers more than 30 vocational qualifications in different fields, such as trade, services and industry. Contests are free and intended for unemployed and socially disadvantaged people. The goal is to quickly train experts, with courses lasting from 20 to 100 hours, so that they can return to the labor market.

In the author’s report southern cruise on the labor market in Sorocaba, published on September 15 last year, HR experts commented on the delay in filling some vacancies due to unqualified candidates. The Secretary of Economic Development, Paulo Henrique Marcelo, explains that Sorocaba is growing, with many job opportunities, so it is an ideal time to qualify the population. “There are many jobs in all sectors, including construction, trade, services and industry. We are also being sought after by many companies and this will generate even more jobs,” he reports.

To meet the demand, the institution has a partnership with the Worker Service Center (PAT) in Sorocaba. Vacancies are made available by companies, and Uniten offers courses according to market needs. “All the courses offered here at Uniten are already interconnected with PAT. We also have partnerships with Senai, Sistema S and Instituto Federal, with several courses”, informs Rodrigo César de Oliveira, coordinator of Uniten. Oliveira also explains that the entity also deals with the retraining of specialists. “Remaining vacancies may also be available to those who already have a job”.

Those interested can apply online at Some courses recently closed enrollment on September 27, but will reopen in the second week of November. The new date will be published on the Sorocaba City Hall website: You can get more information by calling (15) 3316-1666, (15) 3316-1634 or (15) 3616-1636. Working hours are from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.


Co-workers from Tábata, who founded a sewing studio after studying entrepreneurship (credit: ARQUIVO PERSONAL)

Through qualification courses, many experts get their first chance or return to the labor market. This was the case of Michelle Cristina Pedro Pinheiro Chagas, 35 years old. She could not find a job for seven years. In May, she attended a course in the field of logistics at Uniten, and then the experts of that institution encouraged her to continue her studies at the Virtual University of the State of São Paulo (Univesp), which is also located in the same building as Uniten, in Villa Barao.

Chagas passed the entrance exam for process management and got a job as an apprentice in an industry. Soon after, it was implemented. Currently, Michelle works in the personnel department of a company, where she selects candidates, among whom she recently hired two more experts who graduated from Uniten. “They attended courses in the field of production and reading and interpretation of drawings. I believe that companies need to pay attention to these people. Often, the company looks at the curriculum for how long the candidate has been out of the market, and it is necessary to have that view, that the person went to vocational school on his own initiative to update and learn something new,” he emphasizes. .

Tábata Amabile, 34, attended a sewing course and decided to invest in her own business. In addition to learning all about space, how to operate an industrial machine, cut fabrics and model, among other services, Tábata also attended an entrepreneurship course at the institution, in partnership with Sebrae, and today she is the owner of Ateliê. “Uniten prepares you for the labor market and to be an entrepreneur. They took me to entrepreneurship, but they also refer you to companies. You enter unemployed and leave as a qualified professional,” he says. (Vanessa Ferranti)

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