Advisory services: how to help deliver the product to the consumer

Understand what the client needs and find the best solution together. This is one of the goals of the e-commerce packaging supply advisory service. This is possible when the company trains the sales team to listen, analyze alternatives and guide the choice between the different types of packaging available in the market and according to what is necessary and feasible to improve delivery in the sector. More than a sale, he provides advice during this process so that the customer leaves with all doubts clarified and convinced that he is making the best purchase option.

The consulting service values ​​personalized listening and creates customized solutions.

A market survey conducted by Vértice Embalagens with more than 200 customers confirmed the importance of this type of initiative: the majority (45% of respondents) stated that the availability of consulting services was the most important factor when choosing a supplier, an item that appeared in front including items such as delivery time , material strength or even print quality. According to the research, the partnership between the company and the customer is what gives greater security at the time of purchase and builds a relationship of trust.

Technical Support

This is because the advisory service values ​​personalized listening and creates customized solutions. It is a very common case that a customer calls without knowing exactly what type of packaging he needs, what is the best option for sending goods sold through e-commerce, because he does not have technical knowledge. He is looking for guidance, he needs help.

There are situations where customers use cardboard boxes that need to be lined to keep the product safe. When the goods are shipped, this affects the final weight and value of the cargo. Sometimes the use of envelopes, which are lighter and take up less space, would solve the problem of sending with the same security. In other cases, depending on the type of transport and the logistics involved – whether it will pass through mats or other impact points – additional protection is required, using bubble wrap or Styrofoam.

customized solutions

There are no standard formulas in e-commerce. Each box, each retail store, each segment, each product has its own characteristics, in accordance with different types of transport needs. Therefore, it is important to work with experts who know how to make an accurate diagnosis of the company’s goals, how competitors work, what the logistics process is like and what result is to be achieved. The expert must be prepared to answer practical questions about how to improve the delivery of the product into the hands of the consumer.

The secret to successful sales is providing a good customer experience. And that process starts with the search for the product and continues until it reaches the consumer. This affects the shopping experience and customer loyalty. When a customer receives exactly what they ordered, the product intact and in nice packaging, satisfaction makes all the difference.

For e-commerce, plastic packaging offers numerous advantages, such as versatility, durability and resistance of the material. This last item is the main difference, as it guarantees the inviolability of the goods. Cardboard, in addition to being heavier and breaking easily, may not adequately protect the product in adverse weather or transportation situations.

There is also the issue of sustainability. Research conducted in Northern Ireland has shown that four times more energy is used to produce a paper bag than to produce a plastic bag.

In addition, in order to be able to produce paper, it is necessary to cut down forests. Another aggravating factor, compared to plastic, is the higher concentration of toxic chemicals required at the time of production. The study also noted that paper bags are heavier than plastic, requiring more effort to transport, increasing their carbon footprint.


Market research shows that more than half of consumers are influenced by packaging at the time of purchase. For a virtual store, this is still a safety factor. It will be even better if the delivery is functional and helps consolidate the brand. During the consultation process, it is possible to project the imprint of the company’s name onto the delivery envelopes, with options shown through a full-size design model – called a mockup.

In this way, the advisory service is an additional service offered to the customer, but one that helps all parties to grow together. On the consultant side, it helps to understand your customer and increases the satisfaction of the purchase. It also helps the e-commerce customer to offer the best experience to the consumer, making them trust the brand and keep coming back for it.

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