Cloud Gaming: What it is and how it works in a live casino

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Cloud gaming is a technology that has been talked about a lot in recent years. This option helps gaming companies improve their services and attract new players. Well-known companies like Google and Nvidia have already developed and published technologies that allow you to play modern games on weak computers. Free cloud storage – what is it? What is the technological outlook for video games?live casino as Read our review.

What is cloud gaming?

Cloud gaming is a way of running games where they are opened on a remote server rather than on the user’s device. The technology works on a streaming model: the server streams audio and video to the player. In this case, the user controls the character from his device. Cloud gamers don’t need to spend money on expensive PC upgrades to meet the latest demands of the gaming industry. The most demanding games can be run with minimal lag from any device. The technology has been called one of the greatest achievements of our time: the cloud gaming market is expected to grow tenfold and reach $450 million by 2024.

How technology workslive casino?

The cloud service in the game is basically similar to the use in other activities. The technology is widely used in online casinos. Platform owners can choose between servers and service, hardware and customer support. Nowadays, many cloud service providers offer their own gaming solutions. In early 2020, many operators launched online casinos and virtual sports betting using cloud technology. The companies attribute this decision to the desire to create a “comfortable home environment” for users.

How is it implemented in online casinos and what are the advantages? All slot machines are connected to a central computer system, while in terrestrial facilities the machines are placed as physically separate facilities. Cloud-based services allow you to save resources on the network: to upgrade the assortment of games, you need to pay a relatively small amount for a licensed new development and simply install a video slot. For this, the establishment on the mainland must purchase a new slot machine. Cloud technology in online gaming means fast remote access to data stored on virtual servers.

Cloud services help online casino owners reduce IT costs: updating software, replacing outdated equipment. In addition, other costs can be significantly reduced because the cloud service provider assumes almost all the costs of installing, running, maintaining the software and the underlying infrastructure.

Continuous updates of physical hardware by manufacturers can make expensive servers that casinos bought a year ago obsolete and unsuitable for business needs. Cloud technology is upgraded without involving the online casino and improves performance. These technologies increase the speed of data processing, since the network is in constant operation. Employees of the gaming platform have 24/7 access to the system via any device – smartphone, computer or tablet. By implementing digital documentation, online casino owners can speed up communication and creation of important documents such as reports, notes or lists.

The future of technology

It is unlikely that start-ups and small companies will grow as the representation in the segment of IT giants increases. 5G data transfer speeds will enable the most demanding games to run on weak devices without interference. In addition, the computing power of cloud services is increasingly attracting the attention of companies. Data centers and devices from the decentralized cloud system will be used to render special effects, complex calculations and improve the design of online casino games.

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