Cyber ​​security: “Ukraine will undoubtedly win this war and the cyber war” – Computers

ON The cyber attack that Ukraine found itself at the beginning of 2022 is just one of many episodes of the cyber war that has been going on for several years. and which worsened after the crisis with the invasion of Crimea in 2014. Victor Zhora, Ukraine’s chief official for digital transformation, says that the country and its critical infrastructure are under fire every day and that it has only remained resilient with great resistance and support from its partners..

“It is a privilege to speak at Bitsight Xperience directly from the battlefield of the first world cyber war,” said the Ukrainian head of cyber security. Even with internet connection problems and connection instability, Victor Zhora broadcast live at the Bitsight Xperience conference, addressing an audience of CEOs and CIOs of European companies from various business areas. Cyber ​​security was the key topic of the conference that took place on September 28 and 29 in Lisbon, where SAPO TEK was a media partner.

Taking the opportunity to intervene live, Victor Zhora explained how security metrics and cyber threat visibility are important to combat these cyber attacks that have been ongoing since 2014., the year of presidential elections and the Russian invasion of Crimea. These attacks resulted in several intrusions that were repeated in 2015 and 2016 and which led to the development of cyber security systems and operations centers that enabled the strengthening of resistance skills, with the help of international partners.

“At the beginning of January this year, when everything indicated that war was coming and when we were preparing our cyber defense component, our Government websites and other websites faced a direct attack, as well as information systems, followed by more attacks on financial institutions and other institutions“, he reminded, pointing out that since then the “digital” part of the war is developing every day, together with the war on the ground, which also affects the infrastructure.

The chronology of attacks in the last 9 months was also presented by Victor Zhora, who showed how the problem has spread far beyond the borders of Ukraine.

“The attackers, sponsored by Russia, had a series of targets and attacks in other countries as well, and this made this cyber war a global problem all over the world,” says Victor Zhora. “Everyone is at risk and we should join forces to define how we can protect ourselves”.

Your The goals of the attackers were different, and besides disrupting the system, they were also related to fake news.. “After months of cyber warfare, we realized that the hackers intended to spread propaganda, disinformation and influence society by spreading fake war news,” said the official, who said Ukraine’s goal was to make the network more resilient to resist those attacks and that achieves.

“In general, cyber attacks are linked to military operations on the ground. [kinectic operations] and they were prepared months or years in advance”, he explained. After more than 1,200 cyber security incidents recorded by the Ukrainian CERT since the beginning of the warto the areas of government, security and defense, transport, telecommunications and IT, as well as commercial organizations, “the systems of Ukraine remain resilient with the fantastic help of our partners in the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries .and organizations”.

Victor Zhora it is crucial to maintain this cooperation between countries and organizations, because in some incidents there must be concerted action to mitigate the attackas happened in April with an attack on electrical infrastructure that could have affected the entire region.

“Everyone must be ready to be the target of an attack and everyone must have a response plan,” defends Ukraine’s chief digital transformation official.

As for what can be expected in the future, Victor Zhora admits it Russia will continue to attack and test Ukrainian infrastructure and information systems for vulnerabilitiesand the use of ransomware to disrupt organizations and the private sector and also to fund operations, which means “the private sector needs to be very careful,” he warns.

In the end, that’s a positive note. “As we continue to fight back, we appreciate sharing what we’ve learned with our partners and what we know from these events.and we want to continue to count on support in this very critical and very important mission”, defends the head of cyber security in Ukraine, who says without hesitation that “Ukraine will undoubtedly prevail in this war and cyber war”.

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