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A sport associated with reason, intelligence and strategy chess it has been attracting the interest of both beginners and experienced players for centuries. From time to time, events affect the search growth of the millennial game. That is the case movies and seriessuch as “Gambito da Rainha”, from Netflix, and controversies in competitions, such as the recent one between Magnus Carlsen and Hans Niemannwith accusations of the use of sex toys by contestants.

In a positive or negative way, these developments reveal that there is interest in the sport: in 2020, a year after the launch of the “Queen’s Gambit” series, the International Chess Federation (FIDE) stated that around one billion smartphones worldwide had some chess game downloaded in your storage.

In the middle of the pandemic, with the distance, these people were looking for games to learn about the “fashionable sport”. Although restrictions and lockdowns have already been lifted, the convenience of playing in the comfort of your home remains the same. Therefore, Estadão picks the best chess apps and websites available on the market. is one of the most famous. According to the developers, the site, which also has a mobile version, has more than 80 million players worldwide, with 10 million games played daily. In the Play Store, the app store for android smartphones, the game already has more than 10 million downloads and is free.

How is this version different? In addition to the possibility of playing with users around the world, the site offers complete sports lessons, “robots” with various levels of difficulty, for practicing knowledge, and more than 350 thousand tactical puzzles, with all kinds of checkmate moves and game openings. In addition, the game offers those interested the ability to climb the chess ladder, detailed statistics of each game, and global community forums to discuss the millennial sport.

Where to play: Android, iOS and web.

Price: Free.

Do you have in-game purchases? that

Download size: 40.77 MB.

A clash of kings

Exclusive to mobile devices, “Clash of King” offers a similar premise to its predecessor. In addition to online matches, the user has access to several mini-games, with in-game tips and analysis on the best move for each move. It also has a level of interface and board customization, with more options for players.

Where to play: Android and iOS.

Price: Free.

Do you have in-game purchases? that

Download size: 57.57 MB.

Pure chess

“Pure Chess” offers the user a new perspective on chess. Released in 2016 by Ripstone, it has very well-crafted visuals of figures and panels, with realistic graphics for the time. Available on Steam (game library), it has 183 positive reviews on the platform.

Where to play: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Android, PC, iOS, Wii U, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS

Price: 29.99 BRL

Tin game purchases? that

Download size: about 3 GB.

Ultra chess

Exclusive to PC and consoles, “Chess Ultra” is an evolution of its predecessor and, like it, is available on various operating systems. Its difference, compared to other options on the market, is the immersion of the player in the chessboard. With 3D graphics and up to 4K resolution, it also allows the user to use VR (virtual reality) glasses to immerse themselves between the pedestrians and hunters on the board.

For starters, Ripstone (the game developer) recommends a PC with Windows 10 and 8GB of RAM, but “Chess Ultra” has Windows Vista and 4GB of RAM as minimum requirements. All specifications can be seen on the game page, available on Steam.

Where to play: PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, PC, HTC Vive, Oculus, Xbox One, Xbox One Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

Price: 25.99 BRL

Do you have in-game purchases? that

Download size: about 2 GB.

Chess Brain: Dark Troops

Revolutionary, “Chess Brain: Dark Troops” subverts the concept of chess and the physical board. The focus is on the player solving problems, in dynamic challenges that rewrite the rules of the game itself – smaller boards and pieces that move simultaneously.

In this sense, “Chess Brain” is an invitation to novice users to fall in love with the dynamics of the sport and get to know the movements of each piece. “The king must reach the destination. Draw the correct path and don’t let him be killed by the opposing pieces!” says the premise of the game published in 2021 by Caio Flavio, a developer.

Where to play: PC and Mac

Price: 2.29 BRL

Do you have in-game purchases? Not.

Download size: about 1 GB.

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