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Guga Stocco is an expert in digital business creation and business transformation.

With the arrival of 5G and the potential it will bring to the market, entrepreneurs need to be aware of the opportunities.

In this context, the co-founder of Futurum Capital, Guga Stocco, Samuel Carvalho emphasizes that the medium and long term must be prosperous for innovative companies.

A specialist in digital business creation and business transformation, Guga has in his portfolio the performance of global Microsoft products, such as MSN and Bing, with more than 20 years of experience in the segment of innovation, transformation and technology.

Besides being the co-founder of Banco Original, he is a member of the board of brands such as Totvs, Cielo and B3.

With the vision of someone who has gone through the growth of many companies, he sees, therefore, that 5G will first of all fit into reality (it can be virtual) and into the development of startups.

OP – The current market trend is for companies to bet on building advisory boards that bet on a lot of diversity. Have you come to stay?

Guga Stocco – This is here to stay as companies need multidisciplinarity as the world is getting more complex and this requires bringing more knowledge into the company. The best way to transfer knowledge to the top management of the company is through an advisory board. So companies have boards of directors to increase the professionalism of the company when they want to go public. And the advisory board brings the company to the vision: The organization wants to implement technology, but it is not a technology company, so it brings in technology people. Sometimes there is a challenge in e-commerce, bring in an expert who understands e-commerce. It’s often difficult to hire these people, so an advisory board allows you to bring in great experts who are at other companies to help you see this vision, prepare plans, and lead the company toward it.

Guga Stocco at a lecture at Lide Ceará.
Guga Stocco at a lecture at Lide Ceará.

OP – What should 5G offer the market with novelties in terms of relationships and launches?

Guga – Many cool new technologies rely on 5G. If you think about it, a lot of the cool stuff you do indoors is connected to your broadband connection, but you can’t do it when you leave the house. 5G will allow you to extend this broadband connection anywhere. That’s pretty cool, because we’re talking about you and your computer, but also how things start. When I own a device that has access to high speed, everything changes. For example, I can have a camera that records a car driving down the street and analyzes it in real time and creates trends. That means getting real-time marketing data, security data, and I can analyze all the data. Smart city will become a reality through 5G, without it it would even be possible to have cameras in cars, but it would never be possible to have real-time data. Then we started wandering into a lot of things, like the metaverse, where we have to have real-time images and reactions to generate a good experience, especially when we’re talking about augmented reality, where I have programming around me. For example, if I want to play in the park with my friends and want everything to interact in real time, I need 5G.

OP – All this creates innovative business opportunities…

Guga – Many. It is a new economy that is developing in Brazil and in the world. 5G will be the foundation for a lot of things that can be built and generate a lot of opportunities for startups.

FORTALEZA, CE, BRAZIL, 09/08/2022: LIDE Ceará event with Gugo Stocco talking about technology and innovation.  (Photo: Thais Mesquita/OPOVO)
FORTALEZA, CE, BRAZIL, 09/08/2022: LIDE Ceará event with Gugo Stocco talking about technology and innovation. (Photo: Thais Mesquita/OPOVO)

OP – The tech market is experiencing some volatility after the boom, and companies are laying off employees. Is it a market moment or a new profile?

Guga – Without a doubt, it is a market moment. This mostly happens in the United States because technology companies are very large and move along with the American economy. When the US economy issued a lot of money during the pandemic to sustain the economy, it is natural that a moment of high inflation generates a correction of all that. Then there’s a very big market correction and technology companies that by nature have a forward-looking valuation – that projects a technology development that will promote a great solution after about 4 years, 5 years, so all the companies that have market risk attached, where delivery is related to the future, it is natural for them to fall. This does not only happen with technology companies, but with all those who have this risk attached to their future. When there is high inflation, as is the case in the United States, the risk of those companies that make promises increases. Of course, it happens that some companies do not fulfill their promises, fail to get funding and may end up dying. This could delay some technology sectors that could happen earlier. One example is Facebook ( Meta ), which had 10,000 developers working to launch its metaverse, and will now have 6,000 developers, delaying Zuckerberg’s plans. But this does not mean that the market has slowed down, quite the opposite. The post-Covid technology market is increasingly heated, and the traditional world is also embracing technology… wells to project the future and understand in terms of actions how to position themselves in the market.

OP – You have extensive experience in successful investments in the discovery of future unicorns. Is there a recipe for this type of investment in the Brazilian market?

Guga – It is important to understand where the world is going. So, when investors realize that people are staying at home more, using e-commerce more, as people’s habits are changing, they should first look at which startups are targeting that market. Once a trend is identified, it is necessary to understand the entrepreneur, to know if this person can carry it out, this is very important, because sometimes the idea is very good, but there is no staff to realize it. And the third point is financing, because there are cases where there is a very good idea, people who are capable of implementing it, but they cannot collect the necessary money for it. And we’re in a world where it’s harder to catch because of the crisis, so there are good entrepreneurs with good ideas that they can’t catch. When this analysis is done well, it is necessary to identify the companies that will be able to come there.


Guga Stocco was in Fortaleza to speak about “Futurization and Technology” for entrepreneurs, at a lecture in Lide Ceará.


Guga Stocco emphasizes the potential that data has in turning itself into information. According to him, this allows entrepreneurs to generate business with the help of artificial intelligence.


According to Guge Stocco, the pandemic has fueled the acceleration of digitization and will be the entry point into the 21st century, just as the industrial revolutions were turning points in the 19th and 20th centuries.

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