8 reasons why you should bet on a desktop instead of a laptop

If you’re looking to buy a new computer, you may be undecided between a laptop or a desktop computer. A desktop provides more power at a lower price, but a laptop offers similar performance in a much smaller form factor. If you value portability above all else, a laptop is the only logical choice. However, outside of this scenario, it’s easy to argue that landlines are generally a significantly better product.

Here are 8 reasons why a desktop is better than a laptop.

1. Desktop computers are more powerful

Power is an obvious reason to buy a work machine. Although laptops are becoming more and more powerful, there is a limit to what can be achieved when every component has to fit in such a small device. Superior performance can only be found on desktop computers. And if you want a laptop with similar specs to a desktop, you can expect to pay significantly more for identical performance.

It is worth noting that the importance of power It really depends on what you want to do with the computer.. If you just want to browse the web, watch videos and do word processing, desktop computers offer almost no advantage.

2. Laptops are generally more expensive

The price difference is especially noticeable on high-end PCs, where a desktop can be half the price of a comparable laptop.

Apple iMac computers macOS

This is obviously important if you're on a budget. If you're paying significantly more for the same specs, the price difference can easily be spent on more powerful components or peripherals.

3. A desktop computer is easier to upgrade

Laptops are very convenient when you want to move them from one place to another, but they are the opposite when you want to upgrade. If you want to upgrade your desktop, it's a simple matter of opening the tower and adding a component. Some of them are even designed in such a way that there is already free space.

Everything is "packaged" on the laptop. This leads to significant limitations on what you can update. It is also very difficult to install anything.

4. Laptop computers are more difficult to repair

Laptops can also be problematic when repairs are needed. When a component breaks down, that component obviously needs to be replaced. On a desktop computer, this is something that can be achieved minimal technical knowledge.

On a laptop, opening the device without breaking it can be a challenge, and individual components are not always replaceable.

5. A desktop computer is more difficult to steal

Laptops are ideal for taking with you, but for the same reason they are also popular with thieves. Desktop computers are often difficult to transport and therefore they are harder to steal.

Laptop theft is a potential problem. It's worth noting that you can buy padlocks to prevent laptop theft, but many of these accessories reduce portability and convenience.

6. Laptops make more noise

Desktop computers vary widely in terms of noise emissions. But if you want to buy a computer that is completely silent regardless of the programs you run, not hard to find. This is because the tower has enough space to install as many fans as needed to cool things down without adding noise.

The fans installed in notebook computers are generally chosen according to their size. Because of this, many become noisy when running heavier applications.

7. Desktop computers offer more connections

Fixed ones have a large selection of ports, which allows you to connect as many peripheral devices as you want. If a specific port is not available, it can be added. portable computers do not offer this level of flexibility. Due to space limitations, there is a limit to the number of ports that can be installed. And this can prove problematic when you want to add new peripherals.

8. You can build your own desktop computer

Laptops are now sold in a variety of configurations. Most manufacturers offer a wide variety of options in terms of processor, RAM and disk. At the same time, continues to select from a specific list provided by the manufacturer.

If you decide on a tower, you can literally build it however you want. This gives you a much higher level of choice and allows you to design a computer tailored to your specific needs.

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