She traded engineering for sexual well-being


Heavenly beauty! Isabela Cerqueira took the nickname that came from customers

Production engineering, who knew, eventually served to apply all the experience with management and logistics to your business. Isabela Cerqueira even had an official job in logistics, but what spoke the most was her interest in sexuality. “I always liked the subject, I loved vibrators and I mentioned it with my friends,” recalls the 28-year-old.

During the pandemic, she decided to expand this conversation wheel to more people and used the Xoxota Power Instagram account to openly discuss individuality, pleasure and self-care. The experiment was successful. The only difficulty was dealing with the male majority in my work. “I didn’t want to hide, if I had done that, I would have reinforced the taboos,” he admits. By the time you realized it, a lot of people were following your page.

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And a lot of people are asking for product advice. The discourse adopted by Isabela was very different from that used in the erotic market. His business was sexual welfare. At that moment, she realized how difficult it is to find quality products on the market, at affordable prices, that are aimed at personal satisfaction. Then he took the opportunity to turn that passion into a company.

In October 2020, with what she calls a calculated risk (house, food and cash reserve), she quit her job and switched from CLT to Good Vibres. “Our difference is humanization, people want to buy from people, they have a point of contact. We only sell online, but I come every day to talk about sexuality. We test our products, there is a relationship of trust,” he says. Today his Instagram is Bela do Céu , a reference to the feedback it receives from customers. “After the purchase, a lot of people messaged Bela do Cé!, which went viral.”

For Isabela, dealing with the sexuality of others is a matter of greatest responsibility. She knows that many clients do not even discuss this topic with their partners. “I’m going to post-graduate studies in sexuality,” he warns. In pre-sales, it is usual to explain that the use of a sex toy does not come by itself, you must have libido, know how to touch yourself, deconstruct the taboo.

good vibrations

The vegan lubricant is the first private label product

Her company now offers 50 products and has just launched the first under its own brand, Senses Lubri, a vegan lubricant and moisturizer. In just two years, Good Vibres has shown exponential growth. In September 2022, the income has already doubled compared to the entire year 2021. In 2023, the goal is to create more partnerships with large department stores and drugstores to launch other original products.

In recognition of her work, the entrepreneur was invited to be a member of the business council for e-commerce and retail of the Trade Association of Rio de Janeiro (ACRJ). “Contributing to the creation of jobs and becoming the executive director of an institution with 212 years of tradition was a turning point in my career,” emphasizes Isabela Cerqueira, founder and CEO of Good Vibres.

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“The beginning was very difficult because talking about such a sensitive topic unfortunately still means hearing a lot of criticism and bullying. Many people were uncomfortable talking about a topic that, in my opinion, should be natural. Nevertheless, I continued with the idea that I cannot talk about sex without taboos if I am ashamed or afraid to openly face the subject on social networks with my picture. Being a woman and deciding to join the erotic market requires courage and resilience to face the patriarchal world you are playing against. But with a lot of love, truth and innovative strategies, today we are the forerunners of sexual well-being and help thousands of people on that path”, she analyzes.

Despite the challenges, Isabela believes that hard work, clear goals, connecting the company with a purpose that makes sense and building a good team are some of the decisive factors for success. “Entrepreneurship doesn’t expect you to have an inspired or productive day, so I believe that the way an entrepreneur manages difficulties, managing to generate effective solutions and opportunities, is key to the company,” concludes the CEO.

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