Progress in e-commerce billing in MG

Research carried out by Neotrust, an intelligence solutions company that has one of the largest databases in the Brazilian digital market, especially for the second edition of VTEX Unlock, which took place in Belo Horizonte, in September, revealed the macro data already expected by the market , with performance e-commerce slightly more than the national average.

The size of the country’s population, which the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) estimates at around 22 million people for this year, and its economic power, which is typically around 10% of national GDP, help explain the inflated numbers.


Responsible for R$ 11.6 billion of e-commerce in Brazil between January and August this year, Minas Gerais ranks second with the highest income in the Southeast region, behind only São Paulo. The state also represents 10.6% of the income in e-commerce in the country and has a share of 10.5% of users, which is higher than the number of inhabitants in 2021 (10%). The participation of people aged 51 and over is higher in Belo Horizonte (19.8%) compared to the Brazilian average (15.7%).

However, what draws attention, according to Neotrust’s head of intelligence, Paulina Dias, and can steer investors and entrepreneurs on a safer path, are the sectoral cuts, those where Minas does better than the national average and others that are well below average.

Fashion and accessories (19.5%) and cosmetics and perfumery (10.6%) were the segments with the highest number of orders in Minas Gerais between January and August 2022, surpassing the average of orders in Brazil (18.4% and 9, respectively) 6%). The segments of telephony (17.5%), household appliances (15.6%) and electronics (10.3%) occupy the pedestal with the highest revenues in the country.

“It is important for retailers to know where the opportunities are. The segments of fashion and accessories and beauty and perfumery are doing better than the national average. On the other hand, food and drinks are below. You need to analyze what opportunities are embedded in this data. In the case of sensitive and/or perishable products such as food and beverages, logistics is a major challenge, along with consumer habits. Minas has a very fragmented interior (853 municipalities), with many very small towns. Maybe it still doesn’t make sense for a delivery, as it exists today in larger cities, for them”, explains Paulina Dias.

The survey shows that Belo Horizonte was responsible for 2.9% of digital orders from January to August, as well as 2.5% of revenue during that period. In the city, the number of users (2.7%) is also higher than the number of inhabitants for 2021 (1.2%). Participation of women as buyers e-commerce in the city it is also above the national average (59.7% versus 59.1%).

The city, as expected, maintains the highest revenues in e-commerce between January and August 2022: 23.3%. In addition to the capital, the following stand out: Uberlândia, in Triângulo Mineiro, with 5.1%; and Contagem, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte (RMBH), with 4.2%.

“It is important that companies can be in this new world of retail on the line accelerated by the pandemic. They have to understand that e-commerce is a shop like any other, there are no more differences. You can no longer have it or act as if it is something separate. All sales channels must be part of the strategy and integrated. It’s multi-channel,” says Vtex’s vice president of marketing, sales and alliances, Erick Buzzi.

Vtex is a global business platform for Brazilian digital commerce that offers complete solutions for the market, Market and who.

Near future

Traders normally look forward to the last quarter of the year. In 2022, along with Black Friday in November and Christmas, the World Cup – between these two months – promises not only to warm up, but also to predict sales.

“Brazil’s first game in Qatar coincides with Black Friday and that creates high expectations and even anticipation of promotions. We must have’black november‘ and some expectations even for October. Black Friday appeared in Brazil as an opportunity for spending, mainly for more expensive and non-urgent things for the consumer. It has grown into anticipation of Christmas shopping, and this year in particular, consumers are already looking for products such as electronics, especially TVs, in anticipation of home renovations that will be done at the end of the year, such as a barbecue area, for example. , to follow the World Championship”, evaluates the vice president of marketing, sales and alliances at Vtex.

But in order to take advantage of the opportunity not only to increase sales, but mainly to build consumer loyalty, retailers around the world on the line they will need a lot more than good prices – without the old “double-and-a-half” story – and a seamless customer journey.

“Companies have to pay close attention to delivery times. It’s a waste of the best sales if the TV doesn’t arrive in time for you to see the game, for example. Also a means of payment. Acceptance of Pix and digital wallets is already a must. And, of course, strive for integrity and transparency. era’black fraud‘ has already passed. This kind of attitude is unacceptable and unforgivable on the part of consumers”, analyzes Neotrust’s Intelligence manager.

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