Judiciary of the State of Acre

The complete renovation made it possible to readjust the facilities, which, among other spaces, created a storage room without damage. The municipality also received 50 new computers and two pickup trucks.

Among the greatest desires of the civil servants of the judicial authority of Acre, the improvement of the facilities of the district has always been a common point in all the municipalities. In two years, the Board lists its priorities in order to act on what it considers possible in this time period.

The current administration of the Court of Justice in Acre (TJAC) has chosen and worked strongly with this desire as one of its main goals since day one. This Friday, the 30th, after 120 days of work, the President of the Court, Judge Waldirene Cordeiro, together with the Chief Judge of the Judiciary, Judge Elcio Mendes, handed over the City of Justice to Cruzeiro do Sul completely renovated and re-adapted. important for better functioning and service to citizens.

Along with the new structure, the Cruzeiro do Sul District received two new trucks and new, modern computers that will make the work more agile. The machines consume only 20% of the energy used by the old ones, which contributes to financial savings and the preservation of natural resources.

The management’s pursuit and commitment is to improve the structure of the facilities and the computer park of the Acre judicial authority, enabling better working conditions for officials, as well as more efficient service to citizens.

The ceremony was attended by civil servants, a team of experts who worked on the works, as well as the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Cirleudo Lima, representative of the Mayor of Cruzeiro do Sul, Chief Comptroller Matheus Lima, Director of the Forum, Judge Right Evelin Bueno, Commander of the 61st BIS, Colonel Wildon Pereira, Dean of the Federal University of Acre, Guida Aquinho, Prosecutor of the Public Ministry of the State of Acre, Ildon Maximiano, Public Defender, Camila de Barros, Representative of the Subsection of the Brazilian Bar Association – Acre Section, Lawyer Ocilene Alencar and Judges, Judge Erik Farhat, Judges, Carolina Bragança and Adamarcia Machado, and the former first lady of the state of Acre, Beatriz Cameli.

The president of the Court of Justice in Acre, judge Waldirene Cordeiro, reminded that when taking over the administration, together with the vice president, Judge Roberto Barroso and the chief judge, Judge Elcio Mendes, the administration made a decision.

“When we joined the Board on February 5, 2021, I spoke with Judge Elcio and Judge Roberto: let’s dream and make it happen. In this difficult time, we will look for resources to fulfill the dreams we want to fulfill, and that is what we are doing. With smiles, efforts, planning and even a few villains, we have arrived today, September 30, 2022, where we celebrate the great achievement of giving the population of Cruzeiro do Sul, officials, judges and magistrates a revitalized space. and completely restored, it is our City of Justice”, he pointed out.

Judge Waldirene Cordeiro also commented that it is the sixth reformed forum, and that they all have their own meaning, and Cruzeiro do Sul has the distinction of being the second largest municipality, therefore, the one that serves more people after the capital.

She also emphasized that the management is grateful, and even euphoric, in the face of the challenges on the way to this result.

“Today, ladies and gentlemen, we can see the realization of the dream of this administration which, since its inauguration, has made every effort to advance in the improvement of the physical structures of the forums of all the districts of Acre State, not forgetting the technological progress that we also provide. We are coming to the end of this mandate, next year, and to have the opportunity to do this work with the magnitude that it represents is extremely satisfying for all of us, it is really invigorating, because we know how much it will benefit, not only our officers and servers, but all the collaborators, the partner institutions of the jurisdiction , such as the MP, the OAB, the Defender’s Office and, mainly, our people, or technically speaking our jurisdiction. We are the house of justice in the Juruá Valley that seeks the protection of its rights in this power,” said the president.

management effort

The Chief Inspector of Justice, Judge Elcio Mendes, also celebrated the achievements. “This is extremely valuable for the judiciary, all that is being done here. It is a great effort of this administration, the president, judge Waldirene, the vice president, judge Roberto Barros, together with the department of internal affairs, the state government, who fulfilled the demands of the judiciary. Today we fulfill another one of them, carrying out this work of interest to the whole society, the people of Cruzeiro do Sul and our country,” he said.

Judge Elcio Mendes also spoke about the importance of these achievements after the challenges during the pandemic. “We live in difficult times. I remember that at that time I liked to hear Renato Russo’s song, and it serves to move people’s lives, to serve as a parameter in the design of the structure. And there was a fragment that said the following: But of course the sun will return tomorrow, once again I know that darkness that I saw up there, to drive people crazy, I hope the sun will come,” he said.

Corregidor quoted another passage from the poem to convey the feeling of the result. “Within the same song there is this walk, which those who believe always achieve. No matter how hard we went through, the president always showed that we have a goal these two years, which is to leave this construction to our judges, civil servants, who today in Cruzeiro do Sul are also checking what is happening. other openings and that will be until the end of this administration”, he concluded.

The director of the Justice City Forum of Cruzeiro do Sul, Judge Evelin Bueno, commented that the desire of the officials, as well as the judges, was great at that moment. “I believe that this administration of the Court started during the pandemic, it went well and will end in a very pleasant and happy way for us, with the delivery of a new house, new equipment, we will have new colleagues and that strengthens our workforce and we. renew your spirit,” he said.

The Secretary of Infrastructure, Cirleudo Alencar, thanked the team of workers who worked on the job and congratulated Judge Waldirene Cordeiro for her work at the head of the administration of the Court of Justice. “The state government has a duty to extend its hands to other authorities. I congratulate you on your drive, because you have modernized all the forums. This investment in Cruzeiro do Sul is well-deserved, so that the servers can carry out their daily activities, serving the citizens,” said the secretary.

“Ten years ago, we moved to this new workplace, which until then was a school. Today we are here celebrating a major reform that will provide better services to civil servants, judges and every citizen seeking justice. I only have to thank the President of the Court of Justice here.” (Ivanilson Barros)

“We won not only a new working environment, but we also got new vehicles, which the District was happy about, and the judge and the judge spared no effort to send us new vehicles, new computers as well. So we all have a new house, new vehicles and that is of great value to all of us in the Comarca de Cruzeiro do Sul.” (Jayssemberg Januario)

“I want to thank the President of the Court for this reform, these are new computers, new vehicles. There was no room for drivers and today we feel embraced by the institution and have our own room, a room for drivers.” (Adrian Braga).


The renovation and adaptation of the entire building of the City of Justice on the land of Nauas was carried out through an agreement with the state government, with an investment of R$ 1.8 million in the works. Renovation work on an area of ​​more than 4,000.0 m2, only buildings and an external area of ​​approx. 11,000.0 m2.

The reform and adaptation was carried out from the guardhouse to the pantry. All annexes received new floors, lighting and cladding, as well as completely new electrical and logistics parts.

Accessible environments and routes have been implemented, from the guardhouse to the interior years of the buildings, with an emphasis on service counters and new ramps, completely remodeled interior and exterior makeover, roof maintenance and installation of new gutters, thoughtful and treated gardens, exterior lighting and interior all in ice, hydrosanitary section revised with new toilets and sinks, renovated sidewalks with guaranteed accessibility and walking comfort.

An achievement and priority in these renovations and adaptations was an intact deposition room, and Cruzeiro do Sul now has its own. In addition to the new reception, there is now a new jury. And the auditorium also received treatment for its addictions with the guarantee of accessibility, comfort and safety.

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