Employment: technology and the labor market

The technology sector is increasingly in demand by professionals who want to have a good salary and a successful career. In fact, there are vacancies in the country related to the category, due to the lack of qualified workers. It is estimated that 800,000 new jobs will be created in the next five years.

However, only 53,000 new technology specialists are trained in the country every year, that is, there is a shortage of 532,000 people to work in the profession within the stipulated period. For this reason, those willing to study and qualify to work in the sector are guaranteed a range of benefits, along with a salary above the national average.

However, economists say Brazil has almost collapsed due to a lack of talent to work in the technology sector. During the peak of the pandemic, the number of vacancies for the sector increased exponentially. In addition, several offers for professional training appeared.

With the economic difficulties that have arisen after the health crisis caused by covid, people have become even more urgent to enter the labor market. In addition, the technology segment is open to everyone, but in order to get a free place, you need to study, dedicate yourself and improve.

Education for the labor market

In general, the technology sector is constantly expanding and changing. The very term “technology” scares many people who do not see themselves as qualified to work in the profession. However, digital and virtual processes are increasingly present in people’s daily lives.

There is a great demand for people who want to work in this field. These are tenders for the development of mobile applications, e-commerce, data analysis and information security. In fact, the market is open to professionals of all categories who have to commit to a study and work routine.

Similarly, in the technology field, the sectors that employ the most are technology companies, but also financial market organizations, retailers, startups, logistics, infrastructure, education and healthcare. For this reason, it is necessary for an expert to acquire the necessary knowledge to work in the profession.

However, jobs that are in higher demand in the technology market are IT Managers, Infrastructure Specialists, Information Security, Product Owner, Data Specialist, Solution Architect, Technical Manager, RPA Developer, Full Stack, Back-End and Front End.

Technological skills

A professional who wants to work in the technology market must keep in mind that it is necessary to insert oneself in a certain specific area. In the infrastructure sector, must have knowledge of Cloud, VMware, Active Directory, Windows Server, VPN, among others.

To work related to information security, he must have the skills of prevention, post-attack management, antivirus, vulnerability analysis, know the General Data Protection Act (LGPD) and know about ISO 27001.

In work related to the development of software, programs and tools, it is recommended to acquire knowledge of PHP, Swift, Java, .Net, Python, React, Flutter, Kotlin, HTML, Javascript, etc.

Other skills required to work in the industry include English fluency, communication, self-management, leadership, interpersonal skills, flexibility, technical management, etc.

The positions in the technology sector with the highest salaries in the category are Infrastructure Coordinator, Senior Front-End Developer, Information Security Coordinator, Data Specialist/Scientist, with values ​​ranging from R$11,550 to R$24,100 per month.

How to work in the technology sector

After looking for a technical course or even a diploma in the field of technology, it is necessary to start looking for a vacancy in the labor market. A resume is important at this point (update it whenever you can), as is a profile on social networks like Linkedin.

You should search for vacancies that match your area of ​​expertise. However, a good tip is to try to learn new skills. Expect interviews and try to present your qualifications. In addition, networking makes it possible to meet professionals in the sector and exchange experiences.

The job market for those with tech skills is quite promising. Companies are increasingly digitizing their processes and operations. In this way, if you dedicate yourself, acquire the necessary knowledge to become a qualified specialist, doors will surely open for you.

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