Election 2022: Where does my vote go after I fill in the ballot box?

Credit, Reuters

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Only at 17:00 on election day, when voting ends, each ballot box will electronically count the votes cast during the day.

You reach the electronic voting machine, enter the number of your candidate and confirm. What happens to your voice after that?

Immediately, your choice will be recorded in the Digital Vote Register, a compartment inside the ballot box that stores, in random order, each of the votes registered in that machine.

Right now, it’s like putting your paper ballot in an old canvas urn. Or like pouring a drop of water into a glass. It is impossible to know who poured every drop — or every vote — into the ballot box.

Only at 5:00 p.m. on election day, shortly after the polls close, will each ballot box electronically count the votes cast during the day.

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