An event with retailers discusses adapting to ‘survive’ in the post-pandemic era

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After suffering losses due to restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, retail is looking for new ways to adapt to survive this time of economic recovery. An estimate by the Trade and Industry Association of Campinas (Acic) shows that there are 22,628 retail establishments in the city, representing 31.62% of the manufacturing sectors and responsible for a turnover of R$ 15.3 billion per year. Of this total, 75% are classified as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), micro-enterprises (ME) and individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEI). In order to help these companies create jobs and contribute to the city’s economy, the association will hold the 10th Retail Conference

The event will take place on October 4, from 8 am to 6 pm, at Expo D. Pedro (Avenida Guilherme Campos 500, Bloco II, Jardim Santa Geneva). Tickets and information on the website:

With the theme “Adaptability: the engine for the transformation of retail”, the conference will bring to Campinas important names from the national retail scene, such as Bruno Bragancini, CEO of Enxut, Ubirajar Pasquott, CEO of Cybelar and Mauro Friedrich, Director of Logistics at Arezzo & CO , in order to be able to share their experience and knowledge with the public, which consists mainly of business people and managers in the area, from all over the state of São Paulo.

The organization expects to receive about 2,200 people, which is 10% more than those registered for the 2019 edition, the last one held in person, before the pandemic. There will be a total of nine lectures and two debates, a total of six hours of content on managing generational conflicts, family legacy, people management, inclusion, diversity, ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) and other topics that affect businesses of various sizes, especially small and medium.

The president of Acica, Adriana Flosi, explains that the purpose of the Retail conference is for the participants to leave the event inspired to make the necessary changes to ensure the continuity of their business. It will be presented from simple strategies to improve management and company processes, to disruptive technological innovations that can raise the shopping experience to a higher level. “In the last two years, we all had to learn to quickly adapt to changes, and it was no different with retail, a sector that creates about 85 thousand jobs in Campinas,” says Adriana.

According to her, consumers were forced to change their habits and this made them more demanding. He has embraced the benefits of e-commerce, self-service and a hassle-free hybrid shopping experience and is no longer willing to give them up. “It’s up to entrepreneurs to meet new demands and offer the best of both worlds – physical and digital – to attract and retain customers. Sometimes a detail already adopted by one retailer can make all the difference to another. For example, providing shopping baskets in different colors, one if the customer wants to be served by the salesperson and another if he prefers self-service, or installing a pick-up point for items purchased online, right at the store entrance, simple strategies. , but it can improve the purchasing process”, explains President Acic.

disruptive technologies

Adriana Flosi highlights some technologies that the public will be able to see at the event. One of them is a robot that circulates around the environment and communicates with people, playing the role of a host. Another is a robotic arm that works as a bartender, serving drinks to guests during business hours, and there’s also impressive augmented reality action.

“The union of connectivity, artificial intelligence and infrastructure has changed the order of the game in all segments and today virtual reality, augmented reality, the metaverse and others are part of the business fabric around the world, including Brazil. Autonomous stores, easy payment methods and smart wardrobes are examples of using these features as a way to improve the customer experience. It is worth remembering that the applicability of technologies is infinite. A robot and a robotic arm, for example, can fulfill numerous other functions, as long as they are programmed for it,” says Adriana Flosi.

However, she reminds that no technological innovation will replace human capital: “technology is an ally that ensures greater agility, security and practicality in the company’s processes and, in this way, frees people for tasks that only they know how to perform: to create emotional connections”, she concludes. .


The tenth edition of the Retail conference will also mark the launch of the Acic Digital application, created with the aim of facilitating the development of trade and retail, which will bring a commercial guide through the main companies in the region. The app will be key to the audience experience, during and after the event. Through it, it will be possible to communicate with the lecturers, have access to prize games, view the map of the area and the complete program, and have the opportunity to guarantee attendance at the next edition of the conference.

business rounds

Along with lectures, debates and exchange of experiences, event participants will have the opportunity to expand their network of contacts and generate business. During the day, three business rounds will be held, at 1:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m., through Acić’s AC Networking program. Those interested in participating should register for free, as the number of places is limited to 30 entrepreneurs per round. Before each of them, there will be instructions on how to compose a sales pitch (a short and objective speech used to interest a potential customer in the offered product or service).

Other attractions at the conference will be an area dedicated to female entrepreneurs, where the Empreenda Mulher program will be launched, a home office environment for the public to work remotely, a 360-degree booth for video recording of participants and several others. experiences, including dining services, provided through brand activations.



Panel: Retail people

Theme: Customer experience in innovative companies

Loudspeaker: Bruno Carone, co-founder of Arte de Atender and Senior Customer Experience Manager at Nubank.

Topic: Leadership at work in retail

Loudspeaker: Bruno Bragancini, CEO of Enxut.

Topic: Inclusive retail: ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) and DEI (Diversity, Equality and Inclusion)

Speaker: Andrea Tavares, CEO of DesrupDiva, XP ambassador and TEDx speaker

Topic: How to solve management challenges: Management and family legacy

Loudspeaker: Nelson Cury, co-owner of Cedar Tree Family Business Advisors and Consilium Family Office Advisors.

Debate: Clash of generations in the current market

Speakers: Carolina Takada, CEO of Weme (intermediary), Guilherme Lippert, Co-Founder and Strategic Account Manager at V4, Luiz Felipe Massad, HR Director at Omie and Ubirajara Pasquotto, Chief Executive Officer at Cybelar.


Dashboard: current and future trends in retail

Theme: The importance of data and information analysis.

Speaker: Marcos Coque, Director of Analytics at Boa Vista Serviços.

Topic: Digital Content: How These Marketing Strategies Affect the Retail Market

Speaker: Ivan de Souza, editor-in-chief of Rock Content and director of the Henshin agency.

Topic: Agility in retail: How a fast logistics process has become indispensable. Speaker: Mauro Friedrich, director of logistics at Arezzo & CO.

Panel: Technology Reshaping Retail

Topic: Retail optimized through digital.

Speaker: Felipe Dellacqua, Vice President of Commerce and Partner at Adventures.

Discussion: How to combine user experience with digital solutions

Speakers: Tatiana Veiga, consultant and mentor for small and medium-sized companies (moderator); Renata Mello, executive director focused on digital and innovation at CI&T; Luiz Piovesana, CMO (Director of Marketing) at NuvemShop; Elói Prado, Executive Director of Retail and Distribution at TOTVS and Michel Jasper, Founder of Web Jasper and Top Voice LinkedIn 2020.

Last case: Inspired by the book “Dê Propósito” by João Branco

Speaker: João Branco, Vice President of Marketing at Arcos Dorados Brasil (McDonald’s).


10th Retail Conference

When: October 4, 2022, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m

Where: Expo D. Pedro, in Campinas (Avenida Guilherme Campos 500, Bloco II, Jardim Santa Geneva)

Tickets and information:

Retail sector in Campinas (Database December 2021)

22.62 institutions;

31.62% of production sectors;

R$ 15.3 billion in revenue;

84,050 jobs;

75% are SMEs, ME and MEI;

38% (8,600) were installed in shopping centers;

35% (7,920) were installed in the central region;

27% (6,108) are installed on the periphery;

7,788 companies opened from January to December;

From January to December, 3,919 companies were opened.

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