8 Best PDF Readers for Computers and Smartphones

Take one pdf reader professionalism is essential in this day and age. The PDF format is used in all fields for simple and extremely important documents, such as academic papers, which contain confidential information, and several thousand other purposes.

Discover the best programs and get started pdf reader download which best meets your needs, its advantages and disadvantages for all types of devices.

List of 8 best PDF readers

Also known as pdf viewer, programs can not only open PDF files, but also make several changes. For those who need to know the password for a PDF file, here’s how to open a password-protected PDF file in Windows.

1. PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement is pdf reader compatible with all profiles of users, companies and entrepreneurs. As the best alternative to Adobe Reader offline installer, PDFelement offers tools ranging from simple read the pdf and various customization settings.

For those who like to read books or need to study large documents, application to open pdf It has simple navigation functions.

To open the pdf file It is possible to perform various changes such as creation, editing, conversion, marking, form filling, optimization, electronic signature, handwritten signature, encryption, data extraction and various functions.


– PDF reader

– Works for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows;

– easy-to-use interface;

– Made for beginners and experts;

– It can be used by individual users or large teams;

– That’s the program pdf viewer the most economical among the best;

– Offers support.


– Does not represent.

URL: https://pdf.wondershare.com/

2. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

One application to open pdf which is known all over the world is Adobe Acrobat. It is pdf reader which is probably already used by the vast majority of users.

For those who use several PDFs at the same time and do not want to open several separate files, with Adobe Acrobat it is possible to open tabs and compare them side by side.


– Has advanced features;

– Can convert different formats to PDF and reduce the size;

– Enables digital signature and PDF forms

– Measuring tool for objects


– Features considered advanced must be paid for.

URL: https://www.adobe.com/br/acrobat/pdf-reader.html

3. defence

for those who need it open pdf files on a MacBook, Skim is a great recommendation. Notes can be made in pdf viewer it is possible to edit parts of the text, insert notes on pages, make presentations by integrating with other programs.

Integration with LaTeX, SyncTeX and PDFSync Integration and other types of programs is possible.


– Integrations with other programs;

– Add passwords and put them on a key ring;

– Make changes using smart cropping;

– Practicalities such as zoom and reading bar;

– Export notes as texts;


– Not updated since 2017;

– Does not offer OCR capabilities;

– Only for reading e-books.

URL: https://skim-app.sourceforge.io/

4. Foxit Reader

Compatibility: Windows, macOS and Linux

for those who need it read the pdf on different operating systems for computers such as Windows, macOS and Linux and smartphones such as Android and iOS. Foxit Reader is application to open pdf Easy to use and quick to find functions.

It has good performance for opening PDF files that have very heavy multimedia files and does not have high costs compared to other programs.


  • Open multiple files simultaneously;
  • Ability to merge multiple files;
  • Quick opening and viewing of PDF files;


  • Outdated interface for current standards;
  • Errors may occur after using Foxit Reader to create PDFs;
  • No advanced cropping function;
  • It only works for PDF files;

URL: https://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf-reader/

5. Nitro PDF reader and viewer

Nitro PDF Reader is pdf viewer in a simplified version of its Pro version. For those who don’t want to use Nitro PDF Reader Pro, since it’s a paid version, they’ll end up using it for reading only when the free trial ends.

Firefox. As a result, you don’t have to switch between windows to access web pages and read text documents, since you are able to perform all these processes in one application. It works for Windows devices.


– The possibility of creating more than 300 formats;

– That is possible read the pdf and sign them;

– Mark the PDF


– Conversions to MS Word lose formatting;

– Users report a support delay of 4 to 5 days via e-mail;

– OCR feature may have some errors;

URL: https://www.gonitro.com/

6. Google Play Books

For smartphone lovers who need a application to open pdf, Google Play Books has features for read the pdf and also import and manage PDF and EPUB files in the same application.

Developed for Android and iOS. For those who use multiple Android devices, it is possible to easily synchronize files. You must import the file into PlayBooks to view it.


– Ideal for those who like to read books because it has sources of audio books;

– It has a built-in dictionary;

– Has fast and simple navigation;

– Can be set up for reading at night.


– There is no way to lock PDFs with passwords;

– The interface has no settings;

– The number of available books depends on whether the subscriber has an open account;

URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.pdfviewer

7. Xodo PDF Reader

For those looking for a pdf reader that’s agile and has smartphone app quality, Xodo PDF Reader is a great option. It can open all types of PDF and tools such as notes and save the file as PDF.

Another cool feature is that users can sync PDF edits with cloud technologies like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, in addition to being able to open Office files.


– Enables a very fast view of files;

– Works for iOS, Android and Windows;

– It is free;

– Integrated with cloud technologies.


– I cannot create passwords to protect files;

– The program even crashes on the computer for some users

– Text editing is limited for those who want to edit it;

– OCR mode does not create PDF files

URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xodo.pdf.reader

8. STDU browser

And at the end of our list of the best programs, STDU Viewer is also often used for open pdf files. It is used for those who use different types of files such as ePub, MOBI, PDF, images and other formats.

It works for Windows computers and can run smoothly on Windows 11. It’s free and allows you to extract text or part of it into a new file.


– Supports different file formats;

– Zooming;

– Adjust brightness and contrast;

– Text layer support

– PDF to image converter

– View multiple files at once;


– Outdated appearance by current standards;

– Printing time may take a while as temporary files are created;

– Not much platform support.

URL: http://www.stdutility.com/


For those who want to have a program that is compatible with all devices, when pdf reader download Most recommended by various platforms, PDFelement will help in reading and optimizing various processes related to PDF file settings. Intuitive interface and easy-to-use features.

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