The UFV press release is out! Competition for IT positions. LOOK!

The notice is out UFV competition! According to the document published in the Official Gazette of the Trade Union, this Thursday, September 29, 2022, 05 jobs are being advertised to be filled immediately for the IT Technician position. The Dean of Personnel Management at UFV will be responsible for the implementation of the Universidade Federal de Viçosa competition.

Interested candidates can apply from October 4 to 27, 2022, exclusively on the organizer bank’s website: The registration fee is R$ 100.00.

Examinations are scheduled for December.

See below index with information about the UFV competition:

Notice for the public of UFV: Current situation

  • Notice published: September 29, 202.

UFV notice: fees and benefits

The UFV competition offers mid-level vacancies for the position of IT technician. According to the notification, the fee varies from R$ 2446.96.

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UFV Public Notice: Registration

Those interested in participating in the competition will be able to register from October 4 to 27, 2022, on the website of the host bank:

The registration fee is R$ 100.00.

Exemption from the registration fee

According to Article 1 of Law no. 13,656 of April 30, 2018, applicants who:
a) belong to a family registered in the Unified Register for Social Programs (CadÚnico) of the Federal Government, whose monthly family income per capita is less than or equal to half of the national minimum wage;
b) is a bone marrow donor in entities recognized by the Ministry of Health.

The exemption must be requested at the time of registration, on the website, on From October 4 to October 13, 2022.

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Notification UFV: Positions and vacancies

IT technician
Free places: 05
Working hours: 40 hours per week
Main tasks: Develop systems and applications, determination of graphic interface, ergonomic criteria for navigation, compilation of database structure and coding programs; design, implementation and maintenance of systems and applications; select working resources, such as system development methodologies, programming language, and development tools. Help in teaching, research and consulting.

Respecting the criteria of alternation and proportionality, in the event that more vacancies appear for the position covered by this Notice in the Reference Framework for Technical-Administrative Officers of the Federal University of Viçosa, 60% of the vacancies will be allocated to candidates in the open competition, 20% will be reserved for candidates with disabilities, and 20% for candidates who declare themselves black or brown.

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UFV notification: Requirements

Professional Intermediate in the field of the workplace or Complete Intermediate + technical course in the field of the workplace.

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UFV press release: steps

The competition will take place in one phase and will consist of a theory test, an eliminator and a qualification test.

Objective test of the UFV competition

The theory exam will be held on December 4, 2022 at the UFV Viçosa and Rio Paranaíba campuses at 8:30 a.m.


There will be 30 specific knowledge questions with a weight of 1 (one) and a total value of 30 points.

Below is the content of the program:

a) Hardware: computer parts: basics, processor, memories and peripherals; peripheral species.
b) Algorithms and program logic: pseudocode; Boolean algebra; tracking algorithm; recursion; data structures: bases, arrays, lists, queues, heaps, trees and graphs; search algorithms.
c) Computer organization and maintenance: installation and configuration of peripherals; network sharing of peripheral devices.
d) Programming language: variables and data types; sequential, conditional and repetitive commands; structured programming; object-oriented programming: object-oriented programming concepts, classes, attributes and methods, inheritance and polymorphism, object-oriented design patterns, exception handling, abstract classes and interfaces; translated and interpreted languages; subroutines: basics, procedures, functions and parameter transfer; names, bindings, type checking and scope; Java 8 or later development, PHP 7.x or later, Javascript (ecmascript 6 or later), HTML5 and CSS3.
e) Web applications: client-server architecture; WEB server: basics, concepts of Nginx server; WEB browser: basics and interpretation of files; security in WEB applications: basic terms, vulnerabilities and protection techniques; communication protocols: HTTP 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0, HTTPS, WebSocket, synchronous and asynchronous requests: Ajax, HTTP headers and codes; platforms and frameworks: Java EE 7 or later, JSF 2.2 or later, PHP 7.x or later.
f) System design: Unified process; UML; requests; use cases and extended use cases; conceptual modeling; design samples; design of layered systems: basics and MVC pattern; code generation and tests: fundamentals, unit, integration, system and acceptance tests; version control: basics, git.
g) Database: relational databases: basics, SQL Server 2017 or later, PostgreSQL 12.x or later, MySQL 8.x or later; working with the database via SQL; modeling: basics, ER diagrams; security; triggers; stored procedures.
h) Operating systems: hard disk partitioning; installing multiple systems on one machine; creating and updating user accounts; permits; basic administrative commands on Linux systems; security in operating systems.
i) Computer networks: communication protocols; TCP/IP protocol suite: basics, IPv4 and IPv6; local networks; wireless networks; virtual networks (VLAN); domain name server (DNS); Computer network security: basics, firewall and iptables.
j) Legislation on information security: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), General Data Protection Law (LGPD), Marco Civil da Internet (Law No. 12,965/14); Information security standards: information security management (norms NBR ISO/IEC 27001 and 27002), risk management and business continuity (norms NBR ISO/IEC 27005 and 15999).

Test structure

The theoretical exam consists of an objective test consisting of multiple choice questions, with four alternatives for each question, according to the syllabus.

A candidate who does not achieve a minimum grade of 70% (seventy percent) of the total points obtained on the objective test will be automatically eliminated from the competition.

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Summary of the UFV competition

UFV notice

Federal University of Viçosa
current situation Notice published
organizing bank The vice-rectorate for personnel management at UFV
Positions IT technician
education Intermediate level
career YOUR
Capacity State of São Paulo
Number of vacancies 05 vacancies
Compensation 2446.96 BRL.
Applications From October 4 to 27, 2022
Registration fee 100.00 BRL
Objective test date December 4, 2022
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