Funds from municipal funds guarantee assistance to younger and older people in social projects in the capital

In 2022 alone, more than 1,000 donors, made up of companies and individuals, allocated part of their income tax to finance social projects in the field of children, adolescents and the elderly in Campo Grande. R$ 1.78 million was invested in the Municipal Fund for Children and Youth and the Municipal Fund for the Elderly. For those interested in donating, visit Click Esperança or the website

Resources make a big difference in the lives of thousands of young and old. This is the case of João Victor, 18 years old. A fan of technology, two years ago he joined the “Casa dos Meninos” project and today he is part of the Dom Bosco College team in the computer maintenance and recovery sector. “I came looking for knowledge, and here we have training and referral to the labor market. Now I want to specialize in IT”, says he who started the Faculty of Computer Science.

Of the 350 young people who participate in the association, 160 of them are already working in the field that has undergone education. In Cidade dos Meninos, vocational training courses for IT technicians, commercial logistics and the Personnel Department train young people aged 14 to 18 for the labor market.

The director of the entity for 9 years, Ramão Marcondes explained where the resources are used, all the necessary items for the formations. And with more than this amount, we will be able to implement a solar power plant that will reduce fixed costs by about R$ 5 thousand per month”, he comments.

And this morning (29), Mayor Adriane Lopes and Executive Director of Águas Guariroba Themis de Oliveira visited this project and that of the Manuel de Barros Foundation and learned more about the activities carried out in each entity. “This resource will strengthen the work of institutions in the city. And this is a partnership moment where we can move forward and deliver to the community. The third sector is fundamental in this process, where we build new opportunities for young people and guarantee the quality of life for the elderly,” said the mayor.

This is because concessionaire Águas Guariroba donated part of its income tax to the Municipal Fund for Children and Adolescence and the Municipal Fund for the Elderly. In the Associação Cidade dos Meninos, which serves 350 young people, the funds will go to the purchase of solar panels that will reduce costs by about R$ 60,000 per year, and in the Fundação Manoel de Barros, they will guarantee the implementation of sports and cultural activities in the Active Age project, which today has 92 subscribers.

“This is another delivery that Águas Guariroba makes in Campo Grande, further strengthening this partnership with the city. It is another way in which the concessionaire extends its association with social policy, supporting the development of Campo Grande”, explained Themis de Oliveira, CEO of Águas Guariroba.

The Manoel de Barros Foundation, which has been helping the elderly since 2002 as part of the Active Age Project, was founded in 1999. Under the direction of Marcos Henrique Marques, the Foundation offers swimming, pilates, dance, tai chi chuan, literature, computing, choir and psychological help.

“This visit was very special. I am very happy because this is a moment of recognition of the work you have developed for you, for the elderly person that Fundação Manoel de Barros helps. This great support will guarantee the operation of the service of coexistence and the strengthening of ties for next year”, celebrated Marcos Henrique.

Full of energy, Inocência Robaldo (79) said that the Foundation’s activities are the secret of longevity. “I do all the activities here, I come from Monday to Thursday and I love this place. It is my medicine, my medicine, and everyone here is my second family,” said the woman who has been in the project for 7 years.

how to donate

One form of donation is via the Clique Esperança website, which encourages the population to donate to aid projects that work with children and adolescents in Campo Grande. And on the website there is an option to donate to the Municipal Fund for the Elderly. Citizens who do charity can request a refund in IR (income tax) carried out by individuals or legal entities.

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