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Roberto Cláudio, Capitão Wagner and Elmano participated in events promoted by FCDL

More meetings in between business entities and candidates for the government of Ceara they were missing in 2022. Most of the productive sectors did not promote the ritual that is performed at every election at lunches and in cafes where projects are discussed. In front of federations, associations and chambers, businessmen represent those who create employment and income in the state and are responsible for social institutions, basic and technical education. Their agenda is a way of revealing the candidates’ goals, whether they are voters or actual development projects.

Only this year Federation of Chambers of Commerce (FCDL) followed tradition and invited the three best placed in the polls to vote for the national government for lunch – the last one, in fact, takes place today, the 28th, with Elman de Freitas (PT). Lide Ceará also did similar work with a focus on national elections.

Federation of Industry of the State of Ceará (fiec) and the industrial center of Ceará (CIC) did not lead industry to this goal – unlike other elections, when candidates were invited to the Casa da Indústria and were presented with the demands of the sector and faced with government projects in open hearings.

Three other important entities – the Federation of Agriculture and Livestock of the State of Ceará (faeces), Union of Micro and Small Business Entities (Femicro) and the Federation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism Ceará (Fecomércio-CE), were also not ready for such an agenda.

By decision, important issues for the progress of large employers and those responsible for the training and improvement of producers are not in the right light, and the dialogue between businessmen and politicians is, practically, post-election.

Of course, the conversation behind the scenes cannot be ignored. But an open debate, with transparency and whose objectives are presented, is necessary for the implementation of democracy.

But there is still time. The second round is taken for granted in voting intention polls, and the entities have until October 30 to submit their agendas to the election finalists.

72 streaming services

There are 72 streaming services available in Brazil. Of them, 7 are offered by telecom operators. Others are referred to on request. However, 31% of this market is dominated by Netflix, followed by Amazon Prime Video (22%), Disney (15%), HBO Max (12%), Globoplay (7%), Star (4%), Apple TV (3% ). The others add up to only 6%. The data was collected by the consulting company Teleco.


The last 3 years have been years of accelerated growth for Termaco Logística. The company, fueled by the expansion of e-commerce, is about R$ 3 million in branch expansion, R$ 2.5 million in technology and another R$ 7 million in the renewal of the fleet and the purchase of equipment. It has 65 thousand m² in 20 points. São Paulo stands out with 13 thousand m². Fortaleza has 11 thousand m², and Recife 6.5 thousand m².


Eusebio was the target Old House, the real estate branch of the investment holding Star, in the segment of luxury residential buildings of closed type. The company has 18 units under construction and 5 more awaiting release, in models ranging from 1.5 million BRL right until 3 million BRL. Delivery takes up to 10 months, and the goal is to conclude more contracts.


The deadlock between the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) and the Ceará Water and Sewerage Company (Cage will) at the Fortaleza desalination plant construction site continues. In São Paulo, at a public-private partnership (PPP) auction of basic sanitation, Neuri Freitas, president of Cagece, left the matter on “stand bay,” according to the company.

After public hearings and the start of a construction study, Anatel issued a dissent citing the risk to submarine fiber optic cables also installed in Praia do Futuro, which halted the process.

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Photographed by Armando de Oliveira Lima

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