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In the last months of the year, people buy more because of the different seasonal dates that occur then. Therefore, brands should be aware to take advantage of this period. According to the projections of the Brazilian Institute of Retail and Consumer Market Executives (IBEVAR), the purchase intention of Brazilians increased by 2.44% in the third quarter of 2022 compared to the same period last year. In addition, according to Tendências Consultoria, store sales should increase by 2.4% in October, November and December this year.

Therefore, taking into account the data and success of the last editions of Black Friday, retailers must already create strategies and set goals to increase sales and retain customers. With that in mind, here are some expert tips to help traders achieve their goals.

Track the behavior of your target audience

Retailers should follow in the footsteps of the target audience they want to reach on Black Friday to create assertive strategies to achieve good results on the day. “The key word in this context is data, that is, companies must invest in technology in order to gain insight into people’s behavior and thus better define the goals to be achieved. The use of data analytics, data science and artificial intelligence are some of the key elements for running a business, showing where consumers are and what they are looking for”, explains Armindo Sgorlon, CEO of SGA TI em Nuvem, a company specializing in technology. cloud solutions, data modernization and cyber security.

Train the team with the goals in mind

Constant learning is essential for salespeople to develop professionally and achieve better results. “In order to achieve the set goals, sales professionals should participate in training to get to know the goals better and understand how they can create assertive strategies to achieve them. In this context, therefore, leaders have a mission to contribute with targeted knowledge”, says Fábio Oliveira, CEO of SalesFarm, the first software-based sales force rental platform that aims to connect entrepreneurs with sellers.

understand the consumer

For Mateus Magno, CEO of Samba Digital, a Sambatech company focused on digital transformation, understanding the public is one of the main points in order to be able to reach it and, consequently, exceed sales targets. “From small retailers to large retailers, everyone is striving to stand out in the market and gain a competitive advantage. It is important to use all technological tools in order to try to understand what consumers’ wishes are at this moment and how it will be possible to meet their demands when Black Friday actually comes,” he analyzed.

Expand payment methods

Accepting different payment methods is one of the most important strategies to ensure conversions on Black Friday. After all, after attracting consumers with an indispensable promotion, it is necessary for the e-commerce to accept the preferred payment method of each customer. “It’s important to remember that a consumer won’t always have a credit card limit or cash in hand to pay via PIX, for example. Therefore, it is interesting to clarify all payment options, whether in installments, slips and the like. In this way, the chances of losing sales at the time of conversion drop drastically,” says Maria Cristina Kopacek, co-founder of Idezo, a fintech specializing in financial services for small and medium-sized businesses.

Invest in user experience

With an increasingly competitive market where competitors come up with similar products and services, both in terms of price and functionality, the way a brand relates to the customer is key to defining the bond created in the relationship. “Gone are the days when we decided to buy a product just because of the price. This factor can enter the criteria, but it is not the only one. Today’s consumer, bombarded by instinctive competition, tries to identify brands that really care about their profile and solve their problems with quality and transparency. When a brand invests in the customer’s journey to purchase, in addition to building loyalty, it makes them promoters of the brand,” points out Tomás Duarte, co-founder and CEO of, a Brazilian startup that is a reference in Customer Experience. management.

Bet on social networks

Social connectivity is the new word of mouth in retail and is primarily responsible for winning the majority of the e-commerce audience: more than half of e-commerce revenue comes through these platforms and 80% of retailers consequently use social media to increase their sales, according to a study by International Data Corporation (IDC). “Social networks are expanding to bring multi-functionality and offer more services. Faced with new consumers who are looking for agility, convenience and security, the integration of social networks into their digital routine turns their followers into consumers”, points out Jackson Araújo, Chief Operating Officer of Showkase, an innovative Social Commerce platform.

Develop a dedicated area for listening to the customer

At this time of the year, it is even more important to open up the space for adopting policies that will fully focus attention on your customer. In this way, the service can be more efficient and still completely personalized for the consumer. “As much as the work flow is intensified at the moment, maintaining a personalized service and recognizing the uniqueness of each consumer is essential for differentiation in the market. The client becomes a promoter and points to someone else when he feels valued throughout the process”, concludes Rafael Gianesini, CEO and co-founder of Cidadania4u, a startup specialized in the recognition of Italian and Portuguese citizenships.

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