CFC promotes lectures related to SGI

Luis Fernando Souza / Trainee under supervision

Elys Tevania and Vanessa Macedo Motta during the lecture / Photo: CFC collection

On September 21, the Federal Accounting Council (CFC) held a lecture on the topic of Integrated Management System (SGI). With the participation of all employees and collaborators, the executive director of the autarchy Elys Tevania and the administrative technician Vanessa Macedo Motta were speakers and clarified things related to the topic.

A brief history is presented to help employees. In 2007, the top management of CFC decided to be certified according to the ABNT ISO 9001 – Quality Management System (QMS) standard. This standard checks all the processes of the organization to ensure that every service produced by the company, autoarchy or organization is delivered with quality to clients. Among the principles of QMS are customer focus; management; team engagement; procedural approach; and continuous improvement.

After presenting ISO 9001 to employees, the ISO 37001 – Anti-Bribery Management System (SGAS) standard was presented, in which CFC has been certified since 2021. As the name itself suggests, this standard contains measures for identification, risk assessment, prevention, detection and response to any activity involving bribery.

On the occasion of obtaining both certificates, HFS designed an Integrated Management System (SGI), which represents a set of activities and tasks that must be performed to ensure compliance with established requirements. Currently, the focus is on quality, anti-bribery, environment, health and safety at work. The development of SGI is aligned with all international standards: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 37001:2017, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

Integrated management policies are easily accessible to all employees. They can be on the intranet, internal network, CFC website and even on the desktop background.

After all these explanations, the associates were shown how SGI is applied in the processes and work routine of each of them. As for quality, a standard has been established for all work related to the activities that take place in HFK.

Regarding the fight against bribery, it was clarified that in the process of carrying out CFC’s work, bribes etc. are not tolerated. It was also emphasized that the autarchy focuses on strict compliance with laws and regulations, and that any activity involving an illegal action will be pronounced sanctions at administrative levels, without prejudice to applicable civil and criminal sanctions.

For Vanessa, the presence of SGI in the entity is of great importance. “At CFC we have regulations that guide all quality, regulations and anti-bribery systems. So they’re important because of that.” And it complements. “And the purpose is always to bring constant improvements to our clients, which are accounting professionals and Regional Accounting Councils (CRCs). Maintain internal standardization of work procedures and processes; bringing engagement from top management, from work teams are also our goals,” he explains.

For the executive director, Elys Tevania, the fundamental point that SGI brought was the exchange of knowledge and precision in the execution of the tasks to be performed in each area.

“When you don’t have a system, there is no certainty that the information passed on to the employee will happen in the way that was explained. However, with the implementation of SGI, we have a described task, which gives us the assurance that the work is being done correctly”. And complete. “Before the implementation, there was no evolution and we encountered very serious things. But today there is certainty that all the main processes are mapped and revised twice a year. And we make sure that every area is doing the job correctly,” explains Elys.

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