A young man who broke into a school in Vitoria planned an act inspired by Suzano chats on the deep web

Photo: Rovena Rosa/Agência Brasil
The place of the massacre in Suzanne, in the state of São Paulo

Henrique Lira Trad, responsible for break into the city elementary school Eber Louzada Zippinotti, in Jardim da Penha, in Vitória, on August 19, he had been planning the attack since 2019, when the attack took place. Suzano massacre in São Paulo. Then two armed attackers, former students, killed five students and two employees of the school.

The information is contained in the lawsuit submitted to the 23rd Court by v Public Ministry of the State of Espírito Santo (MPES)to which the report of Winning card had access.

According to the parliamentary document, Trad, now 18 years old, has been participating in discussions with his colleagues since at least three years ago, considering the possibility of promoting an attack on the school where he studied, in the capital city.

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The chat he uses with other young people is part of it “dark web”an even more obscure sector of the “deep web”, which corresponds to the unindexed part of the World Wide Web, that is, generally inaccessible through common browsers.

In particular, Henrique kept in touch with his colleagues through a community called de in English “True Crime Community”which gathers a kind of fan club of serial criminals.

See part of the complaint:

Over time, the accused began to devote himself to the preparation of what would be the massacre at the Eber Louzada Zippinotti school, finding on the world wide web an environment suitable for the maturation of criminal idealization, going into topics related to weapons, racism, Nazism, attacks, death, as well as the massacre that took place at the Suzano/SP State School, according to the expert report he made from his computer.

How did the preparations go?

Before the attack in Jardim da Penha, the suspect spent hours playing a game called “Morimyia High School Shooting”a kind of crime thriller where the player controls a girl who carries a gun and shoots up a school.

Photo: Reproduction / Internet

Then, according to MPES, Henrique, dressed completely in black, picked up weapons: three crossbows or crossbows, a large knife, six ninja knives, 57 darts and arrows, three bottles of Molotov cocktails and another with flammable liquid, a lighter, matches, gloves, a personalized mask, along with a padlock that “locks” the school and makes it impossible to help potential victims. After all, he asked for an app car, and headed to Eber Louzada.

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In an educational institution, a young man tried to deceive the doorman by saying that he was going to a meeting. As he was banned, he ended up jumping over the school wall. There he tried to address the coordinator whom he had already planned to kill. Despite an attempt to shoot her, the weapon failed. She and another colleague who was present in the teacher’s room managed to close the door, which he was unable to open despite kicking it.

Photo: reproduction
Henrique Lira Trad attacked Eber Louzada, in Jardim da Penha

While on the first floor, the accused shot at the school employee who was on the spot, but he missed the target and the shot hit the wall. Then Henrique went up to the second floor, trying to shoot the children.

There he found a ten-year-old boy and threatened him with a crossbow. Despite this, the child managed to kick the object, in which Henrique scratched it.

As a next step, Trad went into the classroom, took aim and fired a crossbow at the teacher, hitting the co-worker in the leg. He then aimed and shot a ten-year-old student, but his weapon “failed” again.

After further attempts, the teacher finally managed to immobilize the suspect until the arrival of the Military Police. There he confessed his intention to kill as many people as possible and then be killed by the agents. See excerpt from MPES:

The crime was committed out of a clumsy motive, after the alleged mistreatment that the accused suffered at the Eber Louzada Zipinotti school, as a student, which caused a desire for revenge, fueled by admiration for terrorist attacks, massacres, a moral and socially contemptible reason for an attempt on the lives of the victims. it had nothing to do with the facts that the accused pointed out to justify his cowardly act.

At the end of the complaint, the representative requested preventive detention for the suspect, as well as for a copy of the act to be submitted to the Federal Court, competent for prosecution and trial for criminal offenses provided for in the Law on Suppression of Terrorism. .

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