5 ideas for extra income

If you need to pay off some debt, save money, supplement your regular salary or save for travel, increasing your income is a welcome solution and have you ever thought about signing up for apps that pay by signing up?

Everyone seems to be looking for the best app to make money or work online and make money in some way, but will you really get the expected return.

We have evaluated many of these apps in 4 hands and found that the vast majority of these earning apps are not always the best way to earn extra income.

So here we think about 5 ways you can start a real extra income and maybe even start your own business.

1. Ideas for additional income: Virtual store

E-commerce websites have taken off in recent years, and thanks to platforms that make it easy to create an online store, setting up and managing it couldn’t be simpler.

For those who have always wanted to have their own business, you can manage your online store to get ideas for extra income while keeping your regular job.

If you like the idea, the first step in starting your online business is finding the best products to sell.

Retailers can choose to sell products that are already popular online or, if they so choose, sell products for a specific niche.

In addition to finding the right product, you also need to think about how to ship your order.

The logistics of the virtual store will be an important determinant of its success.

The task of running an online store also involves dealing with other issues, such as marketing strategies and customer relations.

2. Sell your eBooks

If you know you have a book in mind but have been putting off writing it for years, publishing an e-book could be the opportunity for the extra money making ideas you’ve been looking for.

E-books are nothing more than digital books that can be used on a tablet, laptop, desktop or mobile phone.

Best of all, you don’t need to contact publishers to write and sell ebooks, as self-publishing is a quick option with little upfront investment.

Did you like this idea? Some things to consider before putting pen to paper include:

Choose the right topic – something you love and are interested in in your niche;

Define the headline – it must be concise and use psychological triggers to hold the reader’s attention;

Write unique content – ​​Offers insights not found in other eBooks of its kind.

Remember, self-publishing an ebook is more than just written content, you also need to create an attractive cover and branding for each page of your material.

3. Online courses

Online courses seem to be ubiquitous on the internet, but it’s not too late to start selling your courses.

All you need is to know that someone is willing to pay for a platform to host your video courses.

Choose the right platform and you can share your experience and skills with a wide audience interested in learning new things.

4. Affiliate marketing

If you have a following on social media or a website, you can start making money from affiliate marketing by promoting your company’s products and services online.

By entering the membership program, you become a digital member.

From there, you can earn a commission every time you sell a product or service from the affiliate company through the link.

For every sale made with your help, a percentage is paid into your bank account.

The main advantage is that you can participate in various affiliate programs and promote different products on digital channels.

Also, digital members work from home, they can organize their own outreach programs and directly connect with users interested in the product, various industries have affiliate programs, normally new members can sign up to the platform without paying any fees.

5. Ideas for additional income: markets

Selling products through marketplaces seems relatively easy and profitable, and it is true.

If you’re on a budget and can’t create your own online store from scratch, these sites are great options for selling your products online, a marketplace is a site that brings together different sellers under one domain.

The most popular in Brazil are Mercado Livre, Magalu, shopee and americanas, creating a market seller profile is usually free, as are product promotions.

You can even invest in paid advertising to increase awareness of your cross-platform product, but this is optional.

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