The Goiás real estate market is innovating to win over consumers online

Following the global trend of the digital market, the Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced the change in consumer behavior. If before there was uncertainty when buying on the Internet, now such a purchase is part of the routine of the majority of the population. Research conducted by the Ebit/Nielsen consultancy, in partnership with Bexs Banco, showed that e-commerce in Brazil grew by 41% in 2020 and gained 13 million new consumers. E-commerce is expected to grow among Brazilians in the coming years. According to the Future of Retail research, conducted by Euromonitor International and Google, the growth projection between 2021 and 2025 is 42%.

This reality is also present when buying houses and apartments. Research carried out by ABRAINC (Brazilian Association of Real Estate Entrepreneurs) and Brain Inteligência Estratégica reveals that 6% of real estate purchases are already made entirely online without the need for the buyer to leave the house. The data is part of the Innovation in the Purchase Journey study, published in November 2021. 14,000 Brazilians participated in the survey, including 850 people who bought a property in the last 12 months.

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With tools for the presentation and visualization of plans and artistic perspectives of real estate, rooms for services and negotiations with mechanisms that facilitate the sharing of documents, images and videos, secure digital signature of contracts and even the signing of contracts. Regulated by the National Council of Justice, the e-Notarial platform started operating in 2020 and enables the drafting and signing of a document remotely.

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To adapt to this new reality, real estate companies are innovating their services. URBS Imobiliária, one of the largest in the Midwest, has opened URBS Trend, a 100% digital business unit. Based in Shopping Buena Vista, in Setor Bueno, the unit has the structure to receive and provide accurate customer support, but the focus is actually on online services.

“From the moment the client shows interest in a certain property, until the deal is concluded, the goal is for the entire process to take place online. Of course, there will be cases in which the consumer wants to meet the real estate in person, but we are also ready to take that step remotely, with a virtual presentation, negotiations and signing of documents in a safe way. The focus is actually on the digital universe,” explains Francisco de Paula, director of the department.

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In order to achieve its goal, URBS Trend invests in the training of brokers. According to experts, professionals working in the company get qualifications in several digital areas, such as methodology and leader qualification, digital product portfolio, sales flow, websites, ADS management, linking rhythm, among others. Despite the high demand, there is a shortage of qualified professionals to work with digital tools in all areas, including real estate. “It is not enough to know the tools and know how to use social networks, it is necessary to put these technologies to work in order to attract customers and create business,” the real estate expert points out.


For Bruno Dourad, who is also a partner in URBS Trend and the marketing agency Grifo, the pandemic has accelerated the process of familiarizing consumers with the digital market, and the real estate sector has made great progress during this period. “We understand that the customer who comes online is a demanding consumer who needs fast service. It is common in the market to waste time searching for the property that best suits the buyer’s needs because the seller could not understand what he was looking for. And with our digital real estate project, that process is shortened by the use of tools that filter consumer interests,” the marketing expert points out.

Regarding the qualifications of broker experts, Bruno also emphasizes that URBS Trend invests in the autonomy of the sales team, directing, for example, the ways of producing content for social networks to attract potential customers and also promote the spread of offers. “Our goal is to gather a team of experts for the digital real estate market, we want our brokers to be a reference in this area, to build such a qualified network that our professionals are seen differently on the market,” he concludes.

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